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15 Darling Books Like Bridgerton

Dear gentle readers, perhaps you’ve fallen for the Bridgerton siblings as of late, and are pining for more romance series or books like Bridgerton. Whether you’ve read the books or watched the Netflix adaptation, please know that there are plenty more books set in the Regency era that will inspire and delight Bridgerton fans. We’ve compiled a list of romance and YA books like Bridgerton that will keep you swooning until season two makes its debut on Netflix! 

The Season by Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean is a well known Regency era romance novelist, and this is her first book about three friends embarking upon their debut social season in Regency London. Lady Alexandra is known for getting into scrapes, but when she walks into a mystery, she must use all her wits to make it through her season!

Sixteen Scandals by Sophia Jordan

Primrose Ainsworth is the youngest daughter and often forgotten. But when her parents decide to delay her debut into society, Prim decides to mark her sixteenth birthday by crashing a masquerade ball. Things get very interesting when her cover is nearly blown and she’s saved by a mysterious and dashing young man who makes her heart flutter, and the two set off on a memorable night throughout London.

Dangerous Alliance by Jennieke Cohen

Lady Victoria is a younger daughter of an earl who isn’t in any hurry to marry since her older sister was married recently. She’s content to help her father run the estate, until a scandal puts her family in a perilous position and Victoria must marry and fast, or risk having her family lose everything.

The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite

Catherine is a recent widow who wants to ensure that the scientific text her late husband acquired before his death is translated and published, and then she plans of washing her hands of it all. Lucy is an astronomer who can speak French, and she wants this translation job. Catherine is surprised when Lucy responds to her advertisement, but she gives the beguiling young woman the job and is surprised when she finds herself falling for her as well.

A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby by Vanessa Riley

When Patience Jordan questioned the circumstances behind her English hsuband’s death, the West Indian heiress lost everything–her money, title, position, and even custody of her newborn son. Now, she’s intent on reuniting with him and she gets herself hired as his nanny. Her son’s guardian is an ex-military hero whose strictness belies a passion that Patience can’t resist.

Mine Til Midnight by Lisa Kleypas

Amelia Hathaway is shocked when her family receives an inheritance that elevates them to high society. But learning how to navigate this new echelon of society is especially difficult when she has a passel of siblings to wrangle. Not to mention Amelia soon finds herself attracted to Cam Rohan, whom she turns to for help. He intends to only offer friendship, but very quickly finds himself unable to resist Amelia.

Any Duchess Will Do by Tessa Dare

When Griffin York, a duke, is ordered by his overbearing mother to choose a bride, he rebels by rejecting her array of choices and designating a servant girl as his bride-to-be. But what starts out as a joke quickly turns into a serious matter when Griffin falls for Pauline. The only problem? Pauline won’t be accepted in high society and Griffin wants nothing more than to make her his duchess.

Unveiled by Courtney Milan

When Ash finally gets the chance to exact vengeance on the person who stole his fortune and his future, he thinks he’s ready for what he must face. But he’s drawn to Lady Margaret, the woman who is placed as a spy in his household to ferry information to his enemy. Lady Margaret finds her loyalties wavering the more she gets to know Ash, putting her in an impossible situation.

The Luckiest Lady in London by Sherry Thomas

Felix Rivendale, the Marquess of Wrenworth, is considered the perfect gentleman and the catch of season, but he has dark secrets that he’d rather keep concealed. When he proposes to Louisa, who must marry in order to see her sisters cared for, she’s not enthusiastic about Felix–she can tell he’s hiding something. But with no other offers, Louisa finds herself married to him and enjoying the way his touch sets her on fire, but can she get him to be honest with her?

Queer Principles of Kit Webb by Cat Sebastian

Kit Webb is a one time highwayman and currently reformed coffeehouse owner whose days are a little boring, but at least respectable. When Percy, a young lord, approaches him and asks him to steal back a family heirloom, Kit doesn’t want to break the law, but he agrees to show Percy how to get the job done…and finds himself falling hard.

A Little Light Mischief by Cat Sebastian

Molly is a lady’s maid who is certain that her days of thieving are behind her and she intends to walk the straight and narrow. But that’s incredibly boring, so she begins a flirtation with Alice, her mistress’s lady’s companion, and when Alice must face an unpleasant person from her past, having Molly on her side proves useful. Soon, they find themselves falling for one another in a genuine way.

To Have and to Hoax by Martha Waters

Violet and James met and married after a whirlwind first season, and now years later they can barely stand the sight of one another. When a misunderstanding sends Violet rushing to James’s side, she’s furious to find he’s perfectly fine and couldn’t care less about the worry he caused her. Thus launches a hilarious series of hoaxes and hijinks to get the other to break first, but pretty soon the couple may have to admit they’re falling for one another all over again.

While the Duke Was Sleeping by Sophia Jordan

Poppy is a shop girl who doesn’t normally spend her days dreaming of dukes, but when she saves the life of a duke and he immediately lapses into a coma, she’s mistaken for his high born fiancé and doesn’t rush to correct anyone. The only problem? The duke’s suspicious half brother who doesn’t believe she is his brother’s fiancé for a single second…

The Rakess by Scarlett Peckham

Seraphina Arden was ruined by a horrible man, so she’s decided to lean into her so-called rakish persona by becoming the scandal everyone says she is. She’s enjoying life, but when she propositions a handsome widower for a fun month of romantic dalliance, the last thing she expects is to actually fall for him…or that by destroying the man who ruined her, she might be hurting her new lover.

My Fake Rake by Eva Leigh

Lady Grace is a quiet, bookish sort but she wants romance and to catch the eye of the most eligible of bachelors. So she comes up with an audacious plan to transform her friend Sebastian into a bit of a rake and form a fake attachment in order to attract the attention of the man she really wants, but quickly finds that her feelings for Sebastian are genuine. 

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20 Of The Best YA Books of 2021

We may only be halfway through 2021, but it’s been a year of incredible YA releases so far! If you’re looking for the best YA books of 2021 to add to your summer TBR, look no further than this list, broken down by genre. No matter what you love to read, you’ll find some of the best new books for teens right here!


Off the Record by Camryn Garrett

Josie is an aspiring journalist, but when she wins a contest to write a celebrity profile, she inadvertently stumbles upon a major story that’s a major secret…but it needs to be exposed. The only problem? If Josie writes the story, she might as well kiss her career goodbye.

Love is a Revolution by Renée Watson

Nala is looking forward to a summer of fun, but finds her life getting complicated when she falls for Tye and leads him to believe that she’s as politically active as he is…even though she’s definitely not. While she enjoys the attention of being in a relationship, she also has to face the fact that self love is the most radical act of all.

Yolk by Mary H.K. Choi

Jayne and June are estranged sisters who both in in New York City, and find themselves shocked and a little uncertain when June is diagnosed with cancer. When June needs treatment and needs to impersonate Jayne for insurance fraud, their lives become tangled in a complicated and irrevocable way.


Happily Ever Afters by Elise Bryant

Tessa writes love stories where Black girls get to be the stars, but when she gets into an exclusive creative writing program, she runs into writer’s block. Her best friend convinces her that the only way to get unstuck is to get out there and find a romance of her own!

She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen

Scottie is struggling to get over a break up when she gets into a fender bender with Irene, the star cheerleader. This turns into an uncomfortable ride share situation, but when Scottie’s ex is jealous, Scottie convinces Irene to fake date her…with unexpected results.

Kisses and Croissants by Anne-Sophie Johanneau

When Mia gets the chance to study dance in Paris, she’s thrilled to be able to follow in the steps of her great-great grandmother. But Paris is also full of adventure and cute boys, and when one in particular offers to be Mia’s tour guide, how can she say no?

Meet Cute Diary by Emery Lee

Noah is the writer of a blog of trans meet cutes, but when its exposed as fiction he needs a way to gain back his credibility, and fast! When Drew offers to fake date him, it could be the thing that saves the blog…but will it also lead to a happily ever after?


The Nature of Witches by Rachel Griffin

Clara is a once-in-a-generation everwitch whose power is tied to all four seasons, and who has become humanity’s last hope for saving them all in a world where climate change threatens everything. Clara isn’t sure if she has what it takes to be the savior, but she has one year to come to terms with her power.

The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

When Deka faces her blood ceremony, which will determine her place in her village, her worst fears come true when her blood runs gold, considered impure. She is facing a fate worse than death…or she could run away and join a group of other impure girls in a dangerous yet glorious destiny fighting for the empire.

Sweet and Bitter Magic by Adrienne Tooley

Tamsyn is a witch cast out from her coven and cursed to not feel love. Wren is a magical source who has spent her life caring for her ill father. When a magical plague sweeps the country, the two team up in order to find the dark witch causing the plague, but they don’t expect to fall for each other.

Science Fiction

Victories Greater Than Death by Charlie Jane Anders

Tina may look like a normal teen girl, but she’s actually the keeper of an interplanetary beacon that, when activated, will help save the universe from a great evil. She’s looking forward to that day, but when it actually comes it turns out that reality is a lot harder than fantasy, and she’s going to have to find out who she can trust if she’s going to save the world, much less the universe.

The Ones We’re Meant to Find by Joan He

Cee has been trapped on a mysterious island with no recollection of who she is or what came before–all she knows is that she has a sister that she must find. Kasey lives in an eco city, where her life is pretty perfect, except that her sister went missing and she can’t find her. As the two search for each other, they expose shocking secrets along the way.

The Infinity Courts by Akemi Dawn Bowman

When Nami Miyamoto dies unexpectedly, she learns that the virtual assistant that everyone relies on while alive has taken over the afterlife, and unless she wants to be a slave for the rest of time, she must team up with a group of rebels to take her down.


Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo

Lily is a teenager who has always felt she’s different, but it isn’t until she meets a classmate, Kath, and they sneak out to the Telegraph Club that they discover a world of queer women and find the words to describe who they are, and their growing feelings for each other.

Luck of the Titanic by Stacey Lee

Valora Luck is a Chinese-British acrobat who is determined to stowaway on the Titanic–her brother is on the ship, and so is a wealthy man who could be the ticket to a better life in America. But when the Titanic faces disaster, it will take all of Val’s wits and luck to survive.

A Sitting in St. James by Rita Williams-Garcia

Madame Sylvie Guilbert has decided to sit for a portrait in her plantation house in 1860 Louisiana, much to her family’s horror. It’s all a part of plot that will force everyone on the property to reckon with the legacy of slavery, both at home and in the wider world.


The Girls I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe

Nora is the daughter of a con artist, but she’s in hiding from someone who wants her dead. When she walks into a bank with her ex and her current boyfriend, this awkward situation turns deadly as they get caught in a hold up. Nora must rely on all of her usual skills in order to get them all out alive.

Ace of Spaces by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

Devon and Chiamaka are star students who’ve just been made prefects at their elite academy, but their achievements are shadowed by an anonymous person named Aces who threatens to reveal secrets that they’d rather keep hidden. And when this prank turns dark, it’ll take everything Devon and Chiamaka have to stay alive and stay one step ahead of Aces.

The Initial Insult by Mindy McGinnis

Tress Montor has resented Felicity for years–her ex-best friend was the last person to see her parents alive, but claims she has no idea what happened to them. Tress wants answers, and she decides to take drastic measure to get them, not caring if Felicity is hurt along the way.

Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley

When Daunis witnesses a murder, she becomes a reluctant CI to the FBI’s investigation into an especially dangerous batch of meth that they believe is being distributed from within her tribe.

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15 Gorgeous Books That Make You Cry

Do you love a good tearjerker? There’s something so emotionally satisfying and cathartic about reading an emotional book that gets the tears going–and they don’t necessarily have to be sad books, either! The following are a nice mix of sad books for teens, sad romance books that make you cry, and heart-wrenching novels full of big emotions that will make you feel all the feels, and yes, probably give your tear ducts a workout!

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

This heart wrenching trilogy is about Belly, a teen girl who spends every summer at her mom’s best friend’s summer house. This year, she finds herself pulled romantically between two brothers, but before she can decide who is the right one for her, tragedy strikes that will change all of their lives forever.

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

When Yadriel, a trans boy, becomes determined to prove himself as a brujo to his conservative family, he inadvertently summons a ghost that won’t leave until Yadriel helps him resolve the issues he left behind in life. And doing so will challenge Yadriel in unexpected and heartrending ways.

The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang

Anna Sun is struggling with burnout when her boyfriend delivers a shocking blow: he wants an open relationship. Angry, she agrees and soon finds herself embarking on and failing at this open relationship thing when she meets Quan. Quan is amazing and accepts her in a way no one ever has, and she can’t stop seeing him. But then a family tragedy rocks Anna’s world, and leads her to wonder what she really wants out of life.

The Guncle by Steven Rowley

Gay Uncle Patrick loves being uncle to his niece and nephew, Maisie and Grant. But when their mom dies unexpectedly and Patrick’s brother finds himself facing his own health crisis that leaves him unable to care for his kids, Patrick takes in the kids and finds that there’s a big difference between being the fun Guncle and being the guardian these kids need.

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

Taylor was abandoned by her mom when she was just a kid, and now she’s a student at a boarding school that faces a tough turf war each year. Taylor is named the leader of the students as they wage war against the townies and the cadets who arrive from Sydney each year, and this year one of the cadet leaders is the boy who betrayed her a few years earlier. As they try to come to a truce, Taylor’s guardian goes missing and she finally discovers clues to her mother’s whereabouts and tragic history.

Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

Grace Porter is a recent PhD grad who is uncertain about her future, and things get complicated when she goes to Vegas and accidentally marries a strange woman. Instead of figuring out her life, she abandons all responsibility to move to Brooklyn for the summer and get to know her new wife. But romance and adventure can’t distract Grace from her problems and her issues, and she’s forced to face her painful past once and for all.

Beach Read by Emily Henry

January, a romance novelist, is reeling from the death of her dad and a horrible betrayal that she discovered after his death when she arrives at his secret Lake Michigan house for the summer. She’s got a summer to write a book and pack up the house in order to sell it, and she’s horrified to find that her neighbor for the summer is Gus, her college nemesis. As the two challenge each other to swap genres for the summer, January must confront her pain.

The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune

Linus is a case worker for the Department in Charge of Magical Youth, and he’s very good at his job. But he’s thrown for a loop when he’s given a special assignment to inspect an unusual orphanage and observe its caretaker, Arthur, for a month. The kids there are suspicious of him, and they’re harboring a giant secret. But as Linus spends more time with them and comes to care for them all, especially Arthur, Linus will find that doing the right thing and following the rules aren’t always the same when it comes to these kids.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz

In this award-winner, Aristotle is angry at the world and struggling to make sense of the injustices and the wrongs he sees. Dante is calm and quick to smile with a unique perspective on the world. Their friendship is instantaneous but soon they find that maybe they could be something more, if only they’re brave enough to take that step.

The Half-Orphan’s Handbook by Joan F. Smith

Lila lost her father to suicide, and as a result her coping mechanism is to not love or trust anyone new. But when she’s sent to a grief camp for teens who’ve lost an immediate family member, she’s forced to confront her grief head on…and soon learns that there’s more to her father’s death than she knows.

If You Could Be Mine by Sara Farizan

Sahar has been in love with her best friend Nasrin for years, but they live in Iran where being queer is illegal. However, when Nasrin’s parents announce her engagement, Sahar becomes desperate. It may be illegal to be queer, but it’s not illegal to be transgender. If Sahar transitions, she could be with her love…but does she have the courage to make such a drastic change when she’s not trans, in order to be with the girl she loves?

Early Departures by Justin A. Reynolds

Jamal’s best friend Q is dead, but when a new technology allows him to come back for just a few weeks (but without knowing about his impending death), Jamal is determined to bring him back in order to make up for all of his mistakes. But with only a few weeks, can Jamal really make things right between them without telling him the whole truth?

Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All by Laura Ruby

Frankie and her sister weren’t supposed to be at the orphanage for long–their father was supposed to come back for them. But when he heads out west with a new woman and no intentions of collecting them, Frankie must find the strength within her to build a life for herself and her sister and not lose hope.

We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

Marin lost her grandfather at the end of senior year and, unable to face her grief, left for college without saying goodbye to anyone. Now it’s the holiday break and her best friend Mabel is coming to visit. Marin both can’t wait and is dreading facing her best friend, knowing that doing so will force her to confront the secrets and the hurt she’s been avoiding.

The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan

Leigh is wracked with guilt–while she was having her first kiss, her mother was dying by suicide. Now in the dark depths of grief, Leigh asks her dad if she can travel to Taiwan to meet the grandparents she doesn’t know and try and make sense of her mother’s life. While there, she encounters a gorgeous bird that Leigh is convinced is her mother. And her mother is trying to tell her something–but what?

Want more great reads or books that make you cry? Check out our best LGBTQ+ YA book recommendations, and our best recommendations for dark academia. And if you still want more great tearjerkers, sign up for TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations!

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His Only Wife Book Club Questions

His Only Wife by Peace Adzo Medie was a Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine book club pick, plus a New York Times Notable Pick, which means it’s gotten a lot of great buzz! If your book club is planning on picking it up anytime soon, we’ve got you covered with a book summary, themes, and His Only Wife book club questions to help your meeting run smoothly!

His Only Wife Summary

Set in Ghana, this book is about Afi Tekple, a young seamstress from a small town who works hard to make ends meet. Her mother has convinced her to marry a man that she knows of but doesn’t truly know: Elikem, a wealthy businessman who is in love with another, a woman considered an inappropriate match for him. Afi goes along with the marriage in order to make her mother happy and secure her future, but she’s quickly moved from her small town to the capitol city, where life is very different and Afi is dissatisfied with her new situation. Is this all there is to marriage and life, or can she perhaps find happiness on her own terms?

Themes: Marriage, independence, happiness on one’s own terms, defying tradition

His Only Wife Book Club Questions

  1. What did you think of the fate of Afi and Elikem’s marriage from the beginning, when Elikem couldn’t even be bothered to show up for the wedding? Would you have gone through with the wedding if you were in Afi’s shoes?
  2. Could you marry someone you didn’t love for the financial security of your family? Discuss Afi’s motivations, and the motivations of her mother and Aunty. Do you think that Afi might have married Eli if not for this external pressure? Discuss the influence of money and class on Afi’s decision.
  3. Discuss how Afi interacts with her new husband. What do you think it says about their relationship? What do you think it says about Afi that she wants to please her husband, who seems to have little interest in pleasing her? 
  4. Why do you think Eli went along with this marriage with Afi? What do you think he might have expected from her, or from this relationship? Does he get what he wants? What do you think Eli believes are his duties to his new wife? Does he fulfill these duties?
  5. When Afi moves into a fine home in Accra, does she seem satisfied by the financial status of her life? Does she view it as worth having to put up with an absent husband? 
  6. Discuss how the various characters view marriage and the expectations that come with being a “good” wife. How do they differ, and how are they similar? How does Afi come to shape her own views on marriage?
  7. Discuss how Afi learns of Eli’s girlfriend, the woman that his family disapproves of. Why do you think she is told lies about her, and how do her feelings about this other woman evolve over the course of the novel?
  8. Although Eli is married to Afi, in what ways do we understand that Afi isn’t his main priority? Does Afi see this at first? How does she react when she realizes that she may be his only wife, but not the only woman in his life?
  9. What do you think was the first moment in which Afi chose to rebel–against the other characters, but also in the expectations set out for her?
  10. How does Eli’s behavior towards Afi shift toward the end of the book? Do you think this shift has an impact on Afi’s decision at the end?
  11. What did you think of the ending and Afi’s choice? Were you happy? Disappointed? Surprised? Do you think Afi will be happy with her decision?
  12. Would you read another book by Peace Adzo Medie? Why or why not? What books would you recommend to readers who enjoyed His Only Wife?

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The Best Historical Romance Novels

When someone says romance novels, all too often we envision book covers of a hero and heroine embracing in period clothing that is in various state of undress. Historical romance dominates the romance genre to be sure, but there’s so much more to historical romance than a drawing room setting and passionate embraces. Whether you’re familiar with historical romance or new to the genre, we’ve rounded up some of the best historical romance novels both past and present! Note: Traditionally this genre has been very white and very heterosexual, so while we made an effort to include as many books featuring queer romance and by authors of color, this is one area that romance publishing needs to improve on!

The Best Classic and Must-Read Historical Romance Novels

Here you’ll find some classics of the historical romance genre alongside breakout books of the past twenty years that are bound to become classics!

Georgette Heyer is the original Regency romance writer, and you can’t go wrong with anything she writes! Arabella is a clergyman’s daughter who dreams of romance, but when a moment of pride sets her up on an unpredictable adventure as an heiress, Arabella will have to be careful not to lose her heart.

When Regina Ashton is kidnapped by a rogue, she’s determined to make him pay–by seducing him and then making him marry her!

  • The Secret by Julie Garwood

Judith is a young Englishwoman traveling to the Highlands in order to be by her best friend’s side when she gives birth, and with the ulterior motive of meeting her long-lost father. But she’s unprepared for Iain Maitland, the man tasked with shepherding her on her journey.

Aiden Bedwyn is an honorable man, so he’s more than eager to honor a dying comrade’s wish to protect his younger sister. But when that sister, the beguiling Eve, is threatened to be turned out of her home, Aiden makes an offer to marry her, if only for convenience. But he might just be falling for her, too.

Amelia thought life was hard enough wrangling her younger siblings, but when an unexpected inheritance elevates them to aristocracy, she finds herself in over her head, turning to the handsome Cam Rohan for help and advice.

Lazarus Huntington is tracking down a murderer in a London slum when he turns to Temperance Dews, who runs a foundling home, for help. In exchange for her knowledge of the area, he’ll connect Temperance with a wealthy benefactor, not imagining he would lose his heart to her.

Julia Quinn introduces us to the now famous Bridgerton siblings in this first novel about Daphne Bridgerton, who agrees to form an attachment with the unattainable Duke of Hastings in order to elevate her marriage prospects, but finds herself falling for him instead.

Louisa Cantwell is reluctant to accept Felix Rivendale’s proposal–she doesn’t trust his reputation. But with no other prospects, she becomes his wife and discovers the secrets and passions beneath his perfect facade.

Sarah MacLean’s debut adult romance features a young spinster who wants a man who desires her, and not her money, and so she flings herself upon a handsome man, who doesn’t take her romantic bait, but does agree that she’s the perfect chaperone for his sister…but proximity breeds intimacy in this funny and sexy romance!

Minerva is a wallflower hiding a scandalous past, and so the last thing she wants to do is attract attention when a duke comes to town. But this duke knows all about Minerva and her past, and he isn’t about to let her escape his notice.

Ella was once enslaved in the American South, but now that she’s free she risks everything to go back south and spy for the Union. Malcom is a Pinkerton agent with similar goals, and when the two meet, they join forces and try to deny their attraction as they uncover a dangerous plot that could turn the tides of the Civil War.

In the first in the Spindle Cove series, Susanna is determined to protect her home and ensure it remains a safe place for young women who need it, even if it means standing up to the attractive Earl of Rycliff.

Hester is a member of Michigan’s Underground Railroad, shepherding those fleeing slavery to freedom in the north. When an injured man is brought to her, she agrees to shelter him, despite the enormous price on his head–for he is Galen Vachon, a much-wanted conductor and fugitive.

Sparks fly when a criminal and a solider from a respectable family clash in this exciting m/m romance novel, set in historical London.

Set during the Tang Dynasty in China, Princess Ai Li flees an arranged marriage and hires protection in the form of an enigmatic, blue-eyed man who finds himself taken by the princess.

Set in a magical, alternate Victorian London, Lucien Vaudrey has just unexpectedly inherited the earldom and now needs magical protection in the form of enticing magician Stephen Day, and the two fall for each other just as their enemies draw closer.

The Best New Historical Romance Novels

Looking to dive into a new historical romance? Look no further than these recent and upcoming releases!

In this series starter, Dunmore introduces readers to a group of suffragists residing in Oxford, breaking barriers and hearts in their pursuit of education, independence, and love!

Alva Webster was a scandal when she fled her abusive husband, but now that he’s dead she’s reclaimed her estate and throws herself into fixing it up…but things get complicated when rumors of a haunting bring a handsome professor to her door.

  • Rebel by Beverly Jenkins

In this new series starter, Valinda is a Black woman from the North determined to help recently freed people in the South find success after the Emancipation Proclamation, but she doesn’t expect her small school to be destroyed by white supremacists. Enter Drake LeVeq, a free Black man who comes to her rescue and can’t help but admire Valinda’s grit and determination, even if she is promised to another…

Violet and James married after a whirlwind first season, but four years into their marriage and they’re virtual strangers to one another, until a misunderstanding sets them off in a battle of hoaxes that brings them together in a most surprising way.

Catherine is a recent widow who wants to find a translator for the academic book her scientist husband acquired before his death, and then wash her hands of the whole thing. Lucy is a young astronomer quite alone in the world, and she convinces Catherine to give her the job. Soon, Catherine finds herself fascinated by and falling for Lucy, even as her work comes under fire by the sexist scientific community.

Alice is a lady’s companion who can’t help but find herself attracted to the sharp tongued lady’s maid, Molly. And when someone for her past shows up to cause some trouble, it’s Molly who volunteers to help Alice.

Kit Webb is a reformed highwayman who now makes his living at a coffee shop, and isn’t looking for trouble. But when an aristocrat comes to ask for his help stealing back a family heirloom, Kit can’t quite bring himself to refuse.

West Indian heiress Patience Jordan lost everything when her English husband died–her fortune, her standing, and her son. Desperate to be reunited with her son, she finds herself getting hired…as his nanny. There, she finds herself falling for her son’s guardian, despite the secrets she’s keeping from him.

Miss Chloe Fong doesn’t suffer fools gladly, so she tells her childhood sweetheart to not bother with her until he’s serious about the future. Years later, Jeremy returns to woo her, but there’s a rather big secret he’s never told Chloe–he has a title, and he owns her village.

Cecilia Bassingwaite is a proper Victorian lady…and a thief. When Ned Lightbourne is sent to assassinate her, he’s instead taken in by her, and the two find themselves drawn into a tangled plot involving the entire Wisteria Society!

When Katherine’s husband dies in an accident, she’s shocked to find that he had two other wives he kept secret from her. News of their existence could ruin her, but so could her attraction to her late husband’s estranged brother…

Princess Sarani Rao has it all, but when her father is murdered, she must escape to England, her noblewoman mother’s homeland, on the ship of the one man she’s loved–and rejected.

This Highlander romance starring a Black hero promises to be banter-laden and sexy, and it drops in November of 2021!

Want more romance in your life? Check out our best romantic thriller recommendations! Then be sure you’re well-read on enemies-to-loved romance, and check out our list of best romantic movies based on books. If that’s not enough of the best historical romance novels for you, sign up for TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations! TBR is a personalized book recommendation service that sends you books you’ll love to read.

Here’s how it works: Simply fill out the reader survey and let us know what you want more of–such as historical romance–and what you’re not keen on. Then, an expert Biblioligist will read your responses and recommend three books just for you. Receive your recommendation letter via email in about two weeks, or opt to receive your recommendations as brand new hardcovers from our partner, Print: A Bookstore in Portland, ME in about three to four weeks. Learn more and sign up now!

What Is Dark Romance?

If you love romance, but like your books to explore darker themes, morally gray characters, dangerous situations, and high-stakes action, then dark romance novels are for you! Here, we explain what dark romance novels are, and offer a few suggestions to get you started!

What is Dark Romance?

Dark romance is a lot like how it sounds–romance novels with darker themes, with mature content for adult readers. Dark romance novels often come with content warnings, and they can explore BDSM, role playing, abduction, rape fantasies, and kidnapping and captivity. Some dark romances do explore lack of consent. Readers who enjoy these books are often looking for sexy and steamy romances with a helping of emotional catharsis, and dark romances deliver! Read on for some of the best dark romance novels to add to your TBR. 

Dark Romance Recommendations 

Note: This genre is particularly white, with fewer authors of color. Publishing must still work on being more inclusive when it comes to dark romance novels. We also do not include extensive content warnings, but most can be found in Goodreads listings. If you are sensitive to certain topics, we encourage you to do more research before reading.

  • Dark Fairy Tales: A Midnight Dynasty by Aleatha Romig, CJ Roberts, T.M. Frazier, Karina Halle, Skye Warren, Sierra Simone, Willow Winters, Celia Aaron, Natasha Knight, Cora Reilly, Marley Valentine

In this dark collection of romantic fairy tales, a ball with New York’s elite will have the Constantine Family navigating princes, villains, and beasts. Each story is a retelling of a classic tale with a dark romance twist.

  • Haven by Rebekah Witherspoon

Claudia’s getaway to the wilderness is marred by tragedy, and desperate for a sanctuary, she turns to a nature photographer Shepard. After he saves her life, the two enter into a relationship of domination and submission, but their romance can’t hide the pain Claudia is running from.

In this brand new trilogy, an arranged marriage dominates this sexy story about someone who was born into immense privilege and lost it all, only to come back stronger and bent on revenge.

  • The Pearl by Tiffany Reisz

Lord Arthur Godwick agrees to pay off his younger brother’s debt to the beautiful and sensual Regan–with sexual favors, not money. And it’s not long before he realizes that he’s just a pawn in her revenge scheme.

Francesca Rossi finds herself torn between two bitter rivals who would use and manipulate her in a power struggle beyond her control, but she is determined to write her own fate.

Sophie Bristol works for the first trillionaire in existence, and what he wants, he gets–except when he demands that Sophie accompany him and pretend to be his fiancée, she isn’t willing to let him possess her. But he’s very determined, and Sophie finds herself relenting.

This standalone romance explores a reverse harem, and a musician who is assigned as a lead guitarist for a hot new band, despite her bandmates wishes…and then finds herself tempted by all three of them.

Tiernan has gown up wealthy and privileged, but without any affection from her distant and cold parents. When they die unexpectedly right before her eighteenth birthday, she’s sent to live with her father’s step-brother and his two sons in the mountains of Colorado, where they tech her survival and she begins to feel desire she’s never known before and boundaries blur.

Eleanor is a naive girl who is trapped while traveling and delivered to an island where fantasies are made into reality by trained goddesses. Sullivan Sinclair runs this island, but when Eleanor arrives, nothing will be the same ever again.

Alana was a captor, but Jacob, her captor’s son was the one person she could count on in her dark world…until she got away and left him behind. And now she’s fierce and independent and bent on revenge, but Jacob wants her back.

Cheska has only ever wanted two things: a comfortable life as a London socialite and Arthur Adley. When a terrible crime rips away her life, she turn to Arthur, the head of a crime syndicate. Arthur knows that he must protect her, but how can he do that when he’s dangerous, and he wants her?

Cassio needs a new wife, someone to be a mother to his young children and to keep him warm at night. Giulia is barely of age, given to Cassio in an arranged marriage. She’s young and clueless about what it means to be a wife and a mother, but Cassio can’t resist her. But Giulia is willing to fight for her needs, too.

Sarai was just a teen when her mother brought her to the compound in Mexico, and she’s been a prisoner there ever since. Now an adult, she sees an opportunity for escape, and takes it. But the man whose car she escapes in might be just as dangerous as the men she’s running from.

Vivienne is sexually inexperienced, but she had dark fantasies of being taken by force. When Jonah learns her secret, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse: they remain strangers but meet to fulfill her fantasies. And it’s incredible…but what happens when Vivienne catches feelings for him?

  • His by Aubrey Dark

When Kat spots Gav, she can’t help but be attracted to him…and curious about his secretive nature. But it turns out that Gav is a serial killer and when Kat sees something she shouldn’t, she finds herself held captive in his basement, impossibly attracted to her abductor.

Want more book recommendations? Get swept away with more dark romance novels, and check out our list of romantic thrillers, and get swept away by an enemies to lover romance! And if that’s not enough, sign up for TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations! TBR is a personalized book recommendation service that sends you books you’ll love to read.

Here’s how it works: Simply fill out the reader survey and let us know what you want more of–such as new dark romances–and what you’re not keen on. Then, an expert Biblioligist will read your responses and recommend three books just for you. Receive your recommendation letter via email in about two weeks, or opt to receive your recommendations as brand new hardcovers from our partner, Print: A Bookstore in Portland, ME in about three to four weeks. Learn more and sign up now!

The Best LGBTQ+ Books of 2021

Readers, rejoice because there is no dearth of great LGBTQ+ books coming out in 2021! If you want to add some new queer books to your TBR, we’ve rounded up some of the best new picks in adult and YA! Get ready to read the rainbow with these amazing new and upcoming LGBT books!

New LGBT Books

Casey McQuiston is back with this cute book about August, a girl who doesn’t believe in much until she develops a crush on a woman on the subway…and learns that she’s a time traveler from the 1970’s who needs help getting back to her own time!

Kit Webb is a reformed highwayman who is making a living as a coffeehouse owner until an aristocrat demands his help in pulling off a heist. Kit isn’t willing to go back to a life of crime…but he is willing to teach this mysterious and arrogant man all the skills he needs to reclaim a family heirloom!

In the latest contemporary romance about a fictional monarchy, Makeda has no interest in the nation of Ibarania or their problem of a missing heir. But when a sexy investigator named Ben crashes into her life, she finds that she’s very interested in Bez…even if it’s her job to bring Makeda back to Ibarania.

Louise is a young Black woman in 1926 Harlem with a past. She escaped a kidnapping attempt as a teen, so she’s uniquely positioned to be blackmailed into helping solve the murder of two other young Black women in Harlem, but the case is anything but ordinary.

Patrick loves being guncle (gay uncle) to Maisie and Patrick, but when his sister-in-law dies unexpectedly and his brother has a health crisis of his own, he’s not prepared to take on temporary custody of the kids. And yet, needs must in this funny and charming book about family.

Kristen Arnett takes on queer families and the complications of motherhood in this book about Sammie, a woman who is uncertain about motherhood and yet tries her best with her unpredictable son Samson. As Samson grows older and his behavior even more unstable, Sammie resents her absent wife Monika, until the day comes that they can no longer pretend to be a perfect, happy family.

In this memoir, Emezi reveals the letters and correspondence with various people who have informed their life and growth as a writer and human, and most importantly, a creative spirit.

Sophie resents con artists after her family fell victim to one and had to restart in a new town. Maddie only cons bad people, and she’s one score away from funding her weavers’ union for good…but one very nosy Sophie keeps poking her nose into her plans, and Maddie can’t decide if she resents her or is falling for her.

April doesn’t do relationships. As a trans woman who works at a kink club, she’s not used to seeing girls like her find happily ever afters…until Dennis walks in and asks for her number, and April finds out that he wants so much more than a one night encounter. 

The author of The House in the Cerulean Sea is back with another magical queer story! Wallace has died, but instead of heading straight to the afterlife, he finds himself in a small village in the woods where he meets Hugo, tea shop owner and ferryman to lost souls. With Hugo, Wallace learns about all he missed and sets out to live as much as possible before having to cross over. 

New LGBT YA Books in 2021

Scottie is reeling from a break up when a little fender bender puts her right in Irene’s path. And although they can’t stand each other, they find themselves in the same carpool to and from basketball games…and embarking on a fake dating scheme to make Scottie’s ex jealous!

When Hani comes out to her friends as bi, it doesn’t go well…so she pretends to date Ishu, an academic high achiever who wants to be head girl. Ishu agrees to go along with it because she wants to boost her popularity, but neither girl expects to actually fall for the other!

When Jeremy comes out as a trans guy, he decides not to let the haters bring him down–so he’ll kick off his senior year by challenging his ex-boyfriend on the Homecoming court. But when the competition gets tough, they’ll have to face their feelings once and for all.

Noah is the writer of Meet Cute Diary, a blog of trans happily ever afters. But when the project is exposed as fiction, and not the real-life stories that Noah claims, he needs to find a way to salvage his reputation. Enter Drew, who agrees to fake date Noah…but the feelings they both catch are very real.

Jay is the only openly out kid in his small town, and he keeps a “gay agenda”–a bucket list of things he’ll do when he finally leaves town. But when his family unexpectedly moves to Seattle, he finds himself in a very queer inclusive environment for the first time ever, and gets to work on his agenda. But will ticking items off a list prevent him from having his first meaningful relationship?

Nozomi is in love with Willow…so when Willow gets her heart broken and then recruits Nozomi to be her fake girlfriend to make her ex jealous, Nozomi is more than willing to step up and prove she can be the better girlfriend. But will Willow be able to see that?

Briseis has a secret power: she can make plants grow from seed to bloom with a single touch. And when she inherits her aunt’s old estate, she begins to uncover some mysteries about the place and discovers a talent for brewing elixirs. Then she meets Marie, a mysterious young woman who knows more about the estate than Bri realizes.

When Toni, who is grieving the loss of her father, and Olivia, who’s just had her heart broken again, meet at the Farmland Music and Arts Festival, they discover love and possibility in three life-changing days.

When teens start to go missing in a small Oregon town, Logan and her ghost-hunting parents arrive to try and unravel the mystery. Ashley’s boyfriend was one of the first to go missing and now his ghost follows her around. When Ashley and Logan team up, they begin to pull back the layers of the mystery while falling for each other.

Beatrice has just come out and is happy to find acceptance as a trans girl on the cheer squad. Annie is an anti-social lesbian who is coerced into trying out. As the two become friends, and then maybe something more, they have to confront what it means to supported and supportive within their squad.

Need more great queer reading in your life? We’ve got you covered!

New LGBTQ+ YA Books
Cute LGBTQ+ Books
Queer Books With Happy Endings
New Books with LGBTQ+ Characters

And if that’s not enough, sign up for TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations! TBR is a personalized book recommendation service that sends you books you’ll love to read. Here’s how it works: Simply fill out the reader survey and let us know what you want more of–such as new queer books–and what you’re not keen on. Then, an expert Biblioligist will read your responses and recommend three books just for you. Receive your recommendation letter via email in about two weeks, or opt to receive your recommendations as brand new hardcovers from our partner, Print: A Bookstore in Portland, ME in about three to four weeks. Learn more and sign up now!

20+ Ways to Find the Best Book Recommendations For You

TBR, Tailored Book Recommendations: A Book Subscription Service

Finding the best book recommendations for you can be difficult, and you need sources and strategies as unique as you! Whether you want to take a book recommendation quiz, outsource your requests to a book recommendations service, or want to be pointed in the direction of some amazing resources like book recommendation apps and websites, we’ve got you covered with over 20 ways to find the best book recommendations for you! Here we go!



TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations is a personalized book recommendation service that offers you more of what you actually want to read.

Here’s how it works: Simply fill out the reader survey and let us know what you want more of and what you’re not keen on. Then, an expert Biblioligist (a real, live reader!) will read your responses and recommend three books just for you. Receive your recommendation letter via email in about two weeks (perfect for library power users and digital readers), or opt to receive your recommendations as brand new hardcovers from Print: A Bookstore in Portland, ME in about three to four weeks. Learn more and sign up now!

Book of the Month

If you’re an avid reader of new releases in all genres, Book of the Month is a great way to get curated new books in the mail each month. The brand new releases are picked and recommended by influential authors and bookstagrammers, and they vary in genre. However, you’re limited to the five new picks each month and a handful of add-on picks that are added to the catalog. You are given the option to skip months when the selections don’t appeal to you, but this service really works for readers who like new, popular fiction.

The Strand’s Book HookUp

If you are a big genre reader, The Strand Bookstore’s Book HookUp is a a great option for readers who enjoy both new and backlist books. You can pick from a variety of different genres and categories, including Young Adult, Mystery/Thriller, Feminist, Such-Fi/Fantasy, and more! The monthly box comes with two books–usually a new hardcover and a recently released paperback–plus an assortment of goodies. The books are curated by the booksellers of The Strand, and many are signed!


Book Riot’s What Book Should I Read? Quiz

Look, sometimes you just want something quick and simple and quizzes are the perfect answer. Book Riot’s What Book Should I Read Next? Quiz will just take a couple minutes of your time, and it’ll ask you about what types of books you like too read, gather some vital statistics about your preferred book length and type, and then ask you about a bunch of your favorite vibes to recommend your next read!

Find the Summer Read That Fits Your Speed Quiz

Looking for something great to enjoy on vacation or while lounging in your hammock? Take Get Underlined’s fun summer read quiz! This is more of a personality quiz that matches you to your ideal read, asking questions such as your spice levels when it comes to tacos, whether or not you enjoy horror movies, and your ideal vacation pace.

Tell Us About How You Play “Among Us” And We’ll Recommend a Book

Gaming and “Among Us” fans will enjoy this silly quiz that asks you all about your favorite crew mate color, hat, map, and more in order to recommend a mystery/thriller read, plus books that are all about imposters and secret identities. If you want to get outside of your comfort zone, this is a fun quiz!


Reese’s Book Club

Reese Witherspoon runs a very popular book club that’s open to anyone! She has monthly picks, new YA picks, and she hosts discussions with the authors on her social media platform…and now her book club has an app! On this app, you can create a profile, indicate which Reese picks you’ve already read, and discover recommendations and discussions regarding the picks, all on the app! It’s a great way to virtually connect with a bunch of readers and learn about the new book club picks.


Okay, yes, Goodreads is a site but did you know they have a great app? Not only can you track your reading and look up books while on the go, but the nifty little Discover tab is full of great articles and recommendations, book lists, and recommendations for new books out in any given week, month, and year, all curated by Goodreads editors!


Likewise is an app that allows you to create a profile, pick what genres and types of books you love, and then to start it asks you to pick out ten books you’ve loved lately. Their algorithm starts recommending books for you based on what you’ve liked and what others who’ve read your picks have liked. The more you rate, the better your picks become and they also have lists and articles of recommendations. It also allows you to add your favorite TV shows, movies, and podcasts!


Litsy is like if Goodreads and Instagram had a baby! It’s a photo-based app that lets you share book picks and what you’re reading, as well as progress and reviews! It’s a great way to connect with real readers like you, and get real time recommendations, plus discover those hidden gems that you might not find on bigger platforms!


Book Riot

North America’s largest independent book site has new content updated every week day, ranging from essays about our reading lives to book lists and literary criticism. They also have numerous newsletters and podcasts on all age categories and genres, so no matter what you like to read, you’ll find great recommendations!


Storygraph is still in beta mode, but it’s being pitched as an alternative to Goodreads. You can track your reading, rate, and review books, and our favorite part is that Storygraph also allows users to include tags for content warnings!

BuzzFeed Books

BuzzFeed is best known for their epic listicles, and they have those in spades when it comes to books! Check out their content for new releases lists, round ups of literary events, interviews, and more.

NoveList Plus

NoveList Plus is a that allows you to search the books you like and view categories, themes, and more. Its most exciting feature is the “read alike” bar that lists readalike recommendations for any given book, usually recommended by a real librarian or content expert. The database is offered by EBSCO and is primarily used by librarians, but many people can access it for free through their local or state libraries. 


Book Riot’s Newsletters

Sign up for any one of Book Riot’s 25+ newsletters to have recommendations and more fun stuff delivered to your inbox each week. From Read This Book, where one book is recommended per email, to genre-focused newsletters like What’s Up in YA, Swords and Spaceships, Kissing Books, and more, you’ll find a newsletter that’s right for you!

Publishing Newsletters

Do you know that platforms like Fierce Reads, Novel Suspects, and Epic Reads are publisher-run platforms that offer many recommendations and news on their books and the wider industry? If you like what books these publisher put out, chances are you’ll like what else they have coming up. You can subscribe to their emails and always be in the know about what’s new and exciting!

Your Favorite Author’s Newsletters

Before most authors were writers, they were readers. And chances are that your favorite author has a newsletter or email blast whenever they really love a book, especially ones in the same genre that they write in! Check out your favorite authors’ websites and sign up for their newsletters and hear about the books they love and get the first scoop on their newest releases!


Ask a librarian or bookseller

Librarians and booksellers live to recommend books! Librarians are trained in what’s called “reader’s advisory” which is literally recommending books, and booksellers are nimble purveyors of books and taste who talk with lots of customers each day! If you ask someone in a bookstore and library for a recommendation, try and give them a sense of what you want so they have something to go on!

Join a local book club, or online one!

Book clubs are fun because you get the book picks, and the discussion with others! They can also encourage you to read outside of your comfort zones, but in a supportive environment. Check your local library, bookstore, and community centers for book clubs who are open to new members, and if you can’t find one that appeals to you, look for online book clubs!

Ask friends and relatives about the best books they’ve ever read

This might not be the best way to get recommendations tailored exactly to your tastes, but it will give you a bunch of books in a wide variety of genres to explore, and it might even help you get to know your friends and loved ones a bit better! 

No matter what you’re looking for in a great book, we hope that you can explore some of these options and find your next favorite book! And if you need more resources, check out our best book recommendation websites, and more ways to find great recommendations.

10 Great Pride and Prejudice Adaptations

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen fans can’t get enough Pride and Prejudice adaptations! If you’re like us, any book based on Pride and Prejudice is an auto-read–and we’ve got a list of ten must-not-miss book adaptations for your TBR!

Eligible by Cutis Sittenfeld

The master of intimate, domestic fiction takes on the classic tale by setting it in modern-day Ohio! Jane and Liz are the oldest Bennet sisters, the only ones to move out of their parents’ home. They’re called home from New York City when their dad has a health scare and are horrified to see that their family home has fallen into disrepair. As they settle in for an extended stay, they meet new neighbors and surgeons Chip Bingley (once a star on a Bachelor-like dating show Eligible) and Fitzwilliam Darcy, and their fates are intertwined.

Pride by Ibi Zoboi

Set in Bushwick, Brooklyn, this retelling is centered around teenager Zuri Benitez, a spoken word poet who has fierce pride for her neighborhood and no love for the gentrification that is sweeping through her streets. When the wealthy Darcy family buys the building across the street from them and renovates it before moving in, Zuri especially can’t stand proud Darius Darcy. But with her older sister Janae falling from Darius’s older brother, she finds herself in close proximity to the Darcy family, forced to rethink her first opinions.

Pride and Premeditation by Tirzah Price

Pride and Prejudice, but with a murder mystery twist! Lizzie Bennet is an aspiring barrister who wants nothing more than to follow in her father’s footsteps. But since women are barred from entering into a profession, she must prove her worth–and she decides to take on a murder case. When Charles Bingley is falsely accused of murdering his brother-in-law, Lizzie is suspicious and decides to find the true killer, but she faces opposition in the form of Mr. Darcy, Bingley’s legal representation!

Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors by Sonali Dev

In this gender-swapped version of Pride and Prejudice, DJ Caine is an up and coming chef and Trisha Raje is a talented surgeon from a powerful family. DJ can’t stand Trisha’s snap judgements and biting remarks, and Trisha clearly judges DJ for his past. But when Trisha is the only one who can save DJ’s sister in a vital surgery, they two find their misconceptions about one another falling to the side as they fall for one another.

A Taste for Love by Jennifer Yen

Liza is nothing like her perfect older sister Jeannie, and she isn’t one to let her mom tell her how she ought to date. But she does love her mom’s bakery, and agrees to help out with the annual junior baker challenge…but joke’s on her when she realizes all of the contestants have been handpicked by her mom as potential boyfriends! But Liza is stuck helping out, and she finds her task even more challenging when she catches feelings for the annoying and reserved James!

Unmarriageable by Soniah Kamal

Alys Binat never wants to marry. As a teacher to teenage girls in Pakistan, she’s seen firsthand how marriage is used to restrict girls from getting an education, and she wants more than that. She and her older sister Jena are also her family’s only breadwinners after scandal sent them to live in exile in a small village, but when they get an invitation to the wedding of the season, their mother sees it as an opportunity to marry off Jena. At the same time, Alys clashes with Mr. Darsee, the wealthy man who owns a stake in the school she teaches at.

Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg

Lizzie Bennet is a student at Longhorn Academy, and when prom fever hits, she’s less than impressed. As a scholarship student, she’s a bit more focused on her academic career than her love life, but she’s all too happy to support her best friend and roommate Jane in her quest to find love with Charles Bingley, who’s just back after a semester abroad. The only problem? With Charles comes Will Darcy, his best friend. Will is a total snob, and Lizzie is certain it’s because she’s not rich like the rest of them…but the more time they all spend together, the more Lizzie begins to wonder if that’s really the case.

Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin

Ayesha is a teacher who dreams of being a poet, but has to face the reality of working a job that will bring in money. Meanwhile, her flighty younger cousin gets pretty much whatever she wants, and flits from marriage prospect to marriage prospect without any idea of what it’s like to live in the real world. When Ayesha meets Khalid, she sees in him someone she might actually fall for…even if he is haughty. And then, it’s announced that Khalid is to be married to her cousin, and Ayesha finds herself torn between duty and love.

A Certain Appeal by Vanessa King

Liz Bennet fled betrayal and heartbreak and now works a boring office job by day, but by night she works at Meryton, Manhattan’s hottest burlesque venue. When she meets finance bro Will Darcy one night, the chemistry is undeniable, even if he does call her tolerable. When her best friend falls for Will’s closest friend, they find themselves thrown constantly in each other’s path, until a new development threatens to close Meryton for good.

Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe by Melissa de la Cruz

Feeling like a gender-swapped holiday spin on the classic tale? Look no further! Darcy is a high-powered executive who works and plays hard, and got out of her hometown as quick as she could. Luke Bennet next door to Darcy’s parents, and at 32 is content to live with his parents while working as a carpenter. When the two meet at Darcy’s parents Christmas party, sparks fly as they clash…but also fall in love.

If your book club is reading Pride and Prejudice, check out our book club guide! And if you want more great book recommendations, sign up for TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations! TBR is a personalized book recommendation service that sends you books you’ll love to read. Here’s how it works: Simply fill out the reader survey and let us know what you want more of–such as Jane Austen retellings–and what you’re not keen on. Then, an expert Biblioligist will read your responses and recommend three books just for you. Receive your recommendation letter via email in about two weeks, or opt to receive your recommendations as brand new hardcovers from our partner, Print: A Bookstore in Portland, ME in about three to four weeks. Learn more and sign up now!

The Best Memoirs of 2021

This year is bringing us some incredible new memoirs and personal stories, whether you’re a fan of books about identity, tales of adventure, or true stories that explore family secrets! When it comes to the best memoirs, 2021 promises some amazing reads. These are the best new memoirs that are on our radar, and we think you’ll love them!

The best memoirs: 2021

My Broken Language by Quiara Alegría Hudes

Quiara Alegría Hudes is a playwright, and in this moving memoir she tells the story of her barrio in Philadelphia, and how she grew up with a large Puerto Rican family that was very close knit, but still had their secrets. They became her muse as she was both enamored by and inspired by their stories.

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner

Michelle Zauner, a musician, tells her story of growing up in Oregon as one of the few Asian kids in her town, and how she struggled with her Korean American identity, feeling like she was drifting further away from her roots the older she got. But when her mom was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 25, Michelle learned how to reclaim her identity and heritage.

Sure, I’ll Be Your Black Friend: Notes From the Other Side of the Fist Bump by Ben Philippe 

Humor writer Ben Philippe has written a hilarious memoir in essays about his journey as the “Black friend” as well as classmate, boyfriend, coworker, and more in predominantly white spaces. Drawing upon his experiences as an immigrant as well as what it was like to grow up and come of age with the first Black president in the U.S., this is an insightful and hilarious collection.

Into the Deep: A Memoir From the Man Who Found Titanic by Robert D. Ballard

Robert D. Ballard is best known for amazing discoveries in the ocean, from new species to locating the wreck of the Titanic. Now, he’s the captain of E/V Nautilus, which leads expeditions all over the world’s oceans. This memoir reveals the personal stories and behind-the-scenes details of Ballard’s most exciting discoveries.

Katherine Johnson: My Remarkable Journey by Katherine Johnson

You’ve read Hidden Figures, seen the movie, and purchased the picture book spin-offs for every kid you know. Now it’s time to read the story of Johnson, in her own words. This pioneering mathematician and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom writes about her life, her education, and the personal stories that made her such an influential figure and celebrity in her 90’s.

Somebody’s Daughter by Ashley C. Ford

Ashley recounts the details of her childhood, growing up with a strained relationship with her mother, and knowing that her father is in prison, but kept in the dark about why. When a relationship with a boy turns bad and ends in assault, Ashley decides to uncover the truth about her family secrets, and is shocked by what she discovers.

Dear Senthuran by Akwaeke Emezi

Akwaeke Emezi is the author of three powerful and groundbreaking novels, and their memoir is the story of their own coming of age into identity, gender, and creativity. It’s filled with correspondence from the author’s family and friends, and is an intimate portrayal of an artist coming to be.

Everything I Have is Yours: A Marriage by Eleanor Henderson

Eleanor met Aaron when both were young, and teenage infatuation survived college and turned into a marriage with children and all the trappings of a successful life. But then painful lesions began to appear on Aaron’s body, and doctors were as baffled as Eleanor. And when Aaron became convinced that parasites were living inside him, Eleanor had to confront the reality of her husband’s physical and mental illness.

We Are Not Broken by George M. Johnson

In this memoir, George M. Johnson writes the stories of their youth and the bond they share with their brothers, Garrett, Rall, and Rasul. The siblings were raised by their strong and fierce grandmother, and Johnson recounts the tales of their upbringing, as well as the reality of what it’s like to grow up Black in America while holding on to joy and wonder.

Beautiful Country by Qian Julie Wang

In this moving memoir, Qian tells the story of what it was like for her family to immigrate to America, known to them as the beautiful country, only to find it much more debilitating than they ever imagined. Qian’s parents were professors in China, but as undocumented immigrants they took the worst jobs, and Qian learned to not draw attention to herself or her family, but she never stopped seeking the light.

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