Everything You Want to Know About TBR Bibliologists

The magic of TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations is that each reader is given personalized book recommendations from a real power reader, called a Bibliologist. TBR wouldn’t be able to run without them! But who are these masked readers behind the TBR curtain, and how did they come to wield so much bookish power? Here is everything you need to know about our TBR Bibliologists and how they make the recommending magic happen!

How does one become a Bibliologist?

Bibliologists are super readers chosen from the pool of Book Riot contributors! Not only are they book lovers who can write eloquently, but we look for folks who have experience in recommending books beyond writing for the website–librarians, booksellers, and other people who treat recommending books as a serious job.

We also look for people who have broad interests, read widely, and can recommend lots of different kinds of books. We make sure that we have Bibliologists who can recommend in every genre and format, as well!

Who are the Bibliologists?

You can learn more about the Bibliologists on our Meet the Biblioligists page! They are Book Riot contributors and contributing editors, former and current librarians and booksellers, writers, podcasters, and mega readers!

On top of that, they are cat lovers and dog owners, lizard and snake keepers, ice cream aficionados who (mostly) don’t let a lactose intolerance hold them back, and they’re fairly split on whether or not they prefer indoor reading to outdoor reading. Read more about them to discover their desert island reads and the weirdest place they’ve ever read a book!

What genres do Bibliologists read?

You won’t find a genre that a Bibliologist doesn’t read or love! While not every single Bibliologist reads every genre (they are only human…mostly, we think), no matter what genre or sub-genre you’re into, there’s an expert Bibliologist ready and willing to offer you some terrific book recommendations.

We’ve found that our most requested genres are sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and literary fiction. Our most popular non-genre book requests are diverse books and books with LGBTQ+ representation, with books in translation closely followed! Needless to say, our Bibliologists have got you covered with all of these book requests!

What formats do Bibliologists read in?

Every format! Bibliologists are not format snobs–they might have personal preferences, but they read hardcover, paperbacks, ebooks, and audiobooks!

Bibliologists read new titles, advanced copies, and backlist titles! If you want a great audiobook recommendation, or are open to reading ebooks, let us know! Your Bibliologist may be able to steer you to great performances and offer ebook bonus recommendations that aren’t in print.

How do Bibliologists pick my books?

First, Bibliologists read your survey responses very carefully. The more information you give your Bibliologist, the better able they are to brainstorm books for you! Then, they check out your Goodreads page if you’ve included a link. They also see what was recommended to you before, and your feedback on those recommendations. Then, they brainstorm! Bibliologists are usually bursting with book recommendations because, collectively, they read thousands of books each year. Most of the time, it’s easy for them to come up with titles they think you’ll love, but occasionally they might crowdsource your request by asking other Bibliologists for input. No matter what, they pick out a book they are confident is great, and one they hope you’ll love. 

Then, Bibliologists check your Goodreads account to make sure their three picks aren’t books you’ve already read or marked as to-read! They want to make sure that it’s a new or new-to-you pick! They write a personalized letter recommending the book to you and explaining exactly why they picked the books they did. Once that’s written, your recommendations are delivered either via email or your books are ordered from Print: A Bookstore in Portland, ME.

What feedback can I give my Bibliologist?

When you log into your TBR account, you can give each recommendation a star rating, and you can write something specific about each book. This can be anything from “I loved these characters” to “I loved the plot, but found the pacing slow” or “More like this, please!” Whatever you want! Both positive and negative feedback allows Bibliologists to better target their recommendations, and more information helps them pick better books! It’s important to know when a book doesn’t quite hit the mark, but Bibliologists also are book nerds who genuinely wish to make readers happy–so they want to know when their recommendation is a winner, too! 

There is also a field for additional feedback on your books selections as a whole! Feel free to give Bibliologists more information about how they did! Did you love the mix of genres? Do you want to mix it up? You can also always update your survey responses to reflect any changes you might have in your reading life!

How can I build a relationship with my Bibliologist?

While you won’t be connected with your Bibliologist outside of your recommendation letters and offering feedback, it can be great to build a relationship with your Bibliologist through these modes. Leaving feedback is the best way to do this, and  keeping your Goodreads page up to date is super helpful to the selection process!

Bibliologists want to connect you with your new favorite book, but if you never let them know how they’re doing, it is a little more difficult. Make sure to always leave feedback, update your survey responses if necessary, and keep your Goodreads account active. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, either! 

How are readers assigned to a Bibliologist?

Our Pigeon-in-Chief reviews every order and assigns each reader with a Bibliologist based on genre preference, what a reader is looking to read more of, and sometimes format requests.

Our PIC knows what the Bibliologists’ areas of expertise are, and is always doing her best to make sure that the perfect Bibliologist for the job is matched to every reader.

Can I change my Bibliologist?

Absolutely! If your Bibliologist isn’t working out for you, you can always request a new Bibliologist in your general feedback box or by contacting us. We promise you that no Bibliologists’ feelings will be hurt–Bibliologists are readers too, and they want everyone to find the best books for their needs and tastes!

TBR is a service for book nerds, created by book nerds! It’s run by real people, not algorithms, and our Bibliologists are always doing their very best to find the perfect book for you! Read more about the service, and if you haven’t already signed up for TBR, start now by filling out the reader survey!

If I Cancel Audible, Do I Lose My Credits?

We know how easy it is to sign up for Audible, and then let your monthly credits pile up! Whatever your reason for deciding to cancel Audible, one big question looms: If I cancel Audible, do I lose my credits? The short answer is yes. However, don’t despair! There are a few options for you, and we’ll answer all your questions about canceling Audible and whether or not you have the option to gift Audible credits before you make the break.

If I Cancel Audible, Do I Lose My Credits?

We’ve covered the mechanics of how to cancel Audible before, but it’s good to review, as there will be options to hold on to your credits and take a break. First off, there is no way to cancel Audible completely and retain your credits. However, if you don’t want your hard-earned money to go to waste, you have three options:

  • First, you may spend your credits on  audiobooks (keep in mind you can use credits on pre-orders), and rest easy knowing that you always have access to your full audiobook library even after you cancel your subscription.
  • Second, you may pause your Audible membership for thirty, sixty, or ninety days. This alleviates from pressure off of your wallet while giving you time to catch up on your listening!
  • Third, you may gift your Audible credits to someone else who will enjoy them–although there are limitations to that.

How to Pause Audible Membership

If you’d like to take a short break from your membership, you can pause it and decide later if you’d like to resume. This is the only way to get Audible to stop charging your account and keep your unused credits. Keep in mind that you will not be able to purchase titles from the periodic sales or the Audible Daily Deals, and you won’t be able to download your two free Audible Originals during this time. You will, however, be able to use your outstanding credits whenever you like.

Pausing your Audible membership is not intuitive, as Audible doesn’t like to see people leave, but here is how to pause your Audible Membership in four easy steps:

1. Navigate to your name at the top right of the Audible and hover your cursor over your name to bring up the drop down menu. Click on “Account Details.”

2. In your account, the very first box you should see shows you membership details. Notice that you can switch your membership to adjust how frequently you receive credits. However, you won’t be able to pause your membership there–click on “Cancel membership.”

3. The next screen will prompt you to answer why you’re canceling. Provide an answer, and click on “continue canceling.” Don’t worry, the next screen will allow you to pause your membership!

4. Now Audible will offer you two options! You can switch to every other month billing (so you are billed and receive one credit every other month rather than every month), or you can pause your membership for one, two, or three months. Choose whichever option works best for you!

How to Gift Audible Credits

Say you want a clean break from Audible, but you want to make sure your credits do some good first–you paid for them, after all! Audible doesn’t let you simply offload your credits to someone else. Instead, you must purchase a specific audiobook and then you may gift that audiobook to anyone, whether or not they have an Audible account already!

1. From the home page, click on Gifts, at the top in the menu bar.

2. Once you come to the Gifts page, at the top are options to give someone credits or a subscription. Ignore this–these options will charge your account, and cannot be paid for in credits. Scroll down to “Give a specific Audible book.” From here, you can either click on the most wished-for and most gifted, or you can search the site for individual audiobooks. Keep in mind that not every Audible audiobook is giftable.

3. When you find the book you want to gift, look for the little “Give as a gift” icon below the the purchase options. If you do not see that link, then the book is not gift-able and you’ll have to pick a different title.

4. All you need to gift an audiobook is your recipient’s email address! Fill out the pertinent information and write a gift message! Note: Audible allows you pick the delivery date of the audiobook, which is great for scheduling holiday or birthday gifts! The recipient will receive an email notification of their gift on that date. If you don’t set a date, they will receive an email informing them of their gift right away. When you’re ready to check out, click Continue.

5. This page will summarize your order and allow you to review your recipient’s information to make sure everything is correct. It will also allow you to choose between charging the gift to your payment information, or redeeming your credit! If you have credits available, you will be able to use your credit!

And that’s it! Use up all your credits, and then proceed to the instructions on how to cancel your Audible membership!

Find Your Next Book

If you’re done with algorithms and want personalized book recommendations in any format, check out TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations!

TBR is a quarterly service that puts you in control of your book recommendations and offers you three personalized recommendations-only via an emailed letter, or three brand-new hardcover books! Start by taking the reader survey, which will ask you an array of questions about what you like, what you don’t like, what you want more of, and what your reading dealbreakers are. Then, your responses will be read by a real power reader, called a Bibliologist, who will recommend three books for you based on your responses! You can even include a link to your Goodreads page to avoid recommendations of books you’ve already read or want to read!

The recommendations-only level starts at just $15 per quarter, and it’s perfect for audiobook listeners and library power users! 

15 Perfect Romance Book Club Recommendations

Is your book club ready to turn up the heat? Whether or not your club makes a habit out of reading romance novels, we all can use a little bit of happily ever after in our reading lives, and there are more great, diverse romance novels than ever out there! If you’re looking to pick up a romance novel, here are fifteen of the best romance book club recommendations of the year for your next meeting!

1. The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai

In this fun take on digital dating, Rhiannon is the developer of a mega-popular dating app who she doesn’t let her dating life interfere with her career. But when a former NFL player ghosts her only to pop back in her life months later, and in league with a major competitor, Rhiannon has to decide just how willing she is to bend her own rules!

2. Fight or Flight by Samantha Young

Ava is flying back home to Boston after a funeral when a series of travel delays puts her return in peril, and a very handsome and very aggravating man named Caleb swipes her first class seat! Sparks fly between the two, and Ava is ready to right off their connection as a travel-induced blip, except Caleb keeps turning up back in Boston, forcing Ava to rethink her first impression of him and decide if she wants to take a chance on love.

3. The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

When Esme Tran travels from Ho Chi Mihn City to the U.S. to meet a potential husband, she’s eager for a new life and new opportunities. But it turns out she has her work cut out for her with Khai, her intended. Khai has autism, and so he believes that he can’t really love someone. The more Esme tries to convince him otherwise, the more she falls for him–but will he realize that he feels the same way before it’s too late?

4. Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

Georgette is ready to be taken seriously–she doesn’t want to just be seen as the woman who plans kids’ parties for a living. While she gives herself a major overhaul, she approaches her crush Travis Ford, a professional house flipper and her older brother’s best friend, and proposes that they pretend to date for a while. Travis agrees–but is unprepared when he begins falling for Georgette!

5. Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory

Guillory takes readers across the pond with this fun holiday romance about Vivian, who agrees to tag along to England with her daughter while her daughter styles a member of the royal family. There, Vivian meets Malcolm, a private secretary to the Queen. As their flirting and private tours turn into romance, will their connection last the holiday season to deepen into something more?

6. Well Met by Jen DeLuca

When Emily moves to Maryland to help her sister recover from an accident, the last thing she expected was to get roped into helping out at the local Renaissance Faire–or find herself attracted to its leader, Simon. It’s not exactly love at first sight, but as they trade barbs and banter, they begin to fall for each other. But is it their true selves that are falling, or their Ren Faire characters?

7. Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors by Sonali Dev

Trisha Raje has worked hard to become a doctor, and yet she still falls short of her family’s expectations. DJ Caine has worked hard to become a chef, and doesn’t like being so dependent on the Rajes, but a job is a job. Trisha and DJ clash spectacularly, but when Trisha is the only one who can save DJ’s sister, they find that there is more to each other than they first realized in this romance inspired by Pride & Prejudice.

8. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

Nina is content with her quiet life of books and trivia teams and cozy evenings with her cat. But when the father she never knew dies, and she is suddenly exposed to a large family of strangers, Nina’s life is totally thrown off kilter. Add in a new suitor who is her trivia rival, and suddenly Nina has to figure out a way to come out of her shell, and fast!

9. The Marriage Clock by Zara Raheem

Leila dreams of having a Bollywood-style romance, where she falls in love with someone before they marry. Her parents are a bit more traditional. They cut a deal with Leila: she has three months to fall in love, or they’ll arrange a marriage for her. Now Leila is really feeling the pressure–and the looming possibility of not finding her true love in time.

10. Love at First Like by Hannah Orenstein

When Eliza accidentally posts a picture of a diamond ring on her left hand to Instagram, she has no idea that her followers would be so excited–which is good for business, as her jewelry store is struggling. Rather than clear up the misunderstanding, she decides to continue to ruse by finding a fake fiancé–but when real love comes along, her life gets even more complicated!

11. The Matchmaker’s List by Sonya Alli

When Raina finally gives in to her family’s wishes and lets her grandmother play matchmaker, she has no intentions of just falling in line–she’s got to maintain some control of the process, after all! It’s her life! But with so many dates and so many eligible bachelors, Raina is finding it more and more difficult to be herself–and to not hurt her beloved grandmother’s feelings in the process.

12. Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey

Annie is the ultimate Nora Ephron fangirl, and she can’t wait to fall in love with a guy just like the Tom Hanks heroes she loves. But when a new movie is filming in her neighborhood and Annie meets the star, Drew, he’s the exact opposite of Tom Hanks. And yet, she finds herself drawn to him in ways she couldn’t anticipate–but that doesn’t mean she’s guaranteed her picture perfect movie ending!

13. Fumbled by Alexa Martin

When Poppy became a mom at sixteen, she moved across the country, worked hard, and built a life for herself and her kid that she’s extremely proud of. T.K. has always loved football and is now living the dream–playing for an NFL team. When the two have a chance encounter, their pasts come rushing back and they’re forced to reckon with their teenage actions and their lingering feelings for each other.

14. Don’t You Forget About Me by Mhairi McFarlane

When Georgina’s life hits rock bottom, she finds a second chance in a new job as a bartender at a pub that’s doing pretty well. The only problem? The owner is Lucas McCarthy, the guy that Georgina fell in love with ages ago. What’s even worse? he doesn’t remember her at all. Talk about embarrassing. But working together in such close proximity brings a lot about Georgina’s past back up again, including a secret she’s been running from. Can she confront it–and get a second chance with Lucas?

15. The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez

Kristen has just received the news that she must have a surgery that will make it impossible for her to have kids, but she’s keeping it a secret while helping plan her best friend’s wedding. When she meets the best man, Josh, she’s immediately attracted to him and the feeling seems mutual…but Josh definitely wants a big family. Kristen decides the best thing to do is put him in the friend zone, but it turns out nothing is quite that simple.

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Want even more romances for book club? Check out TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations! It’s a service that offers you personalized book recommendations, based on your reading tastes and what you’ve already read. Fill out the reader survey to get started, and then get your three personalized book recommendations by choosing from two subscription tiers: recommendations only, which you’ll receive via an emailed letter, and hardcovers, which will get you three brand new hardcover books from our bookstore partner, Print: A Bookstore in Portland, ME! The service is quarterly, and truly adaptable to every budget, genre, and reading taste! Use TBR to get more book recommendations for book club, or for your own reading pleasure!  

The Best Sci-Fi Book Subscriptions For You

Book subscription services are plentiful, but very few services offer readers science fiction books and science fiction only! If you’re a big reader and thinking about treating your shelf to a sci-fi book subscription, your options may be more limited, but it’s not impossible! We’ve rounded up the ten best sci-fi book subscription services around, breaking them down by costs and perks! So whether you’re looking for your next great read, or sci-fi book club recommendations, we’ve got you covered!

1. Strand Books’ The Book Hook Up Sci-Fi and Fantasy

New York City’s Strand Books offers a monthly Sci-Fi and Fantasy subscription service that gets you one signed hardcover first edition of a new release, plus a paperback and bookish goodies from their store or other NYC businesses. While it’s not strictly a sci-fi service, you do get a sci-fi book in each box and past titles include Artemisby Andy Weir, The Book of M by Peng Shepherd, and The Future is Female!: 25 Classic Science Fiction Stories from Women by Lisa Yaszek. You can buy a single box to test it out, or get a monthly subscription for $50! Buy a whole year and get a discount price of $200!

2. My Chronicle Book Box

My Chronicle Box offers readers a science fiction and fantasy subscription to their quarterly boxes! In each box, you’ll receive three new books, plus three bookish goodies, and exclusive author content like signed bookplates, a Q&A, or an author letter! Again, this is a combo genre box so you’ll likely get fantasy reads in the mix, but past sci-fi picks include The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal and Do You Dream of Terri Two? by Temi Oh. This is a UK-based company, but they ship anywhere in the world and their quarterly box costs $55.

3. Chamber of Fables

Chamber of Fables is a subscription service focusing on fantasy, science-fiction, and dystopian literature. You’ll get one book in either of those genres, plus an assortment of goodies, depending on your subscription level. The Mini box gets you the book and an exclusive bookmark, and the full box gets you that plus three goodies from Canadian vendors. This is a Canadian company, but they ship worldwide and boxes start at $29.

4. Science Fiction Book Club Subscription

The Science Fiction Book Club is one of the few book subscription services that allows you to pick just sci-fi books, and consist of just the books. This is a great service if you don’t care about frills or goodies, and just want great books. How it works: At the beginning of each month you get the option to purchase 2 credits at $14.99 each, and then redeem them for great books! Most of the options are sci-fi, but there are some fantasy picks mixed in. You get free shipping when you get two or more books, and occasionally you get the chance to buy books for $9.99 apiece! If you like the idea of a subscription service but don’t like surprises, this service is for you.

5. My Sci-Fi Book Club

My Sci-Fi Book Club is another great service that allows you to pick only science fiction books if you like, although they do have fantasy options as well, and the option to receive a mix of both sci-fi and fantasy. Each month you’ll receive a box with two new hardcover releases in your chosen genre(s), plus an ebook! With boxes starting at $16 per month, it’s a great deal for sci-fi and fantasy lovers!

6. Another World Escapes

If you read to escape into another world, then this box is the perfect portal for that escape. It’s a quarterly subscription that offers you one sci-fi or fantasy book, and plenty of high quality bath products (such as bath bombs or salts), a candle, and chocolate. It’s a great way to read an amazing book and pamper yourself while you’re at it! The quarterly box is just $29.99.

7. Universe Bound

Another goodie-heavy selection is Universe Bound! Their book selections tend toward science fiction and speculative, but they’ll also throw in a mystery or fantasy title every now and then. Each box is shipped monthly and includes one trade paperback, and an assortment of goodies depending on subscription level. The simple box includes the book, plus tea, candles, and bath powder, and starts at $15 per month. The deluxe box starts at $40 and includes two or more books, plus candles, bath products, candles, a beverage, and other handmade goodies. You can choose an audiobook box as well, and “six book cycle” boxes, which will be united by a continuous theme for six months!

8. Chocolate & Book Sci-fi and Fantasy

Chocolate and Book is a nice, reliable subscription service with a wide variety of genre selections. You can choose sci-fi and fantasy, and from paperback or hardcover. Then, you’ll receive a single book in your chosen genre and format, plus a carefully chosen chocolate and some kind of beverage like coffee or tea or hot chocolate. This service starts at $18.50, and ships from the U.K. worldwide.

9. Shelflove Crate

Are you a sci-fi lover and a big fan of YA? Shelf Love Crate is a subscription for YA fantasy and science fiction, offering new hardcovers plus exclusive collectibles and goodies from their partner vendors. Starting at just $19.95, you can receive the book and their goodies, and starting at $29.95, you’ll receive the book, collectibles, and four partner goodies! You may also make one-time purchases of upcoming boxes if you want to just try it out before committing long-term. Past sci-fi elections include The Kingdom by Jess Rothenberg and LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff!

10. TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations

If you want personalized science fiction book recommendations, then sign up for TBR! TBR is the only subscription service that takes into account what you want to read and what you’ve already read to present brand new and new-to-you recommendations.

Start by filling out the reader survey, which asks about your favorite books, genres, what you want more of, what you hate, and what you want to steer clear of. This is a great time to be as specific as you like–maybe you want more time travel books, or sci-fi books set in space! You decide on what you want, and then an expert Bibliologist reads your responses and carefully selects three personalized recommendations for you. Choose from two subscription levels: recommendations only, or hardcover books! With recommendations only, you’ll receive three personalized book recommendations written as a letter emailed to you. With hardcover books, you’ll receive three brand new hardcover books, handpicked for you and delivered by Print: A Bookstore in Portland, ME! You can then offer feedback to your Bibliologist, or change up what you want at any time!

And if you’re still looking for great subscription services, check out our round up of best fantasy book subscription boxes! 

PACHINKO Book Club Questions

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee was a National Book Award finalist in 2017, and hailed one of the best books of that year by many outlets, including Book Riot! Now that it’s available in paperback, it’s a popular book club pick for readers who love multi-generational stories, historical fiction, and world literature. If your group has picked Pachinko to discuss, but you’re running short on Pachinko book club questions, never fear! We’ve rounded up a list of questions that touch on Pachinko‘s theme, cast of characters, and the enduring popularity of the novel! Pick and choose from the list of questions, and see where the group discussion takes you!

Pachinko book club questions

Lee begins the book with the line “History has failed us, but no matter.” Do you believe that the narrator really thinks it is “no matter”? Why do you think Lee chose that opening line?

Share a favorite quote from Pachinko. Why did this quote stand out to you?

Which characters did you like best? Which characters did you identify the most with?

Early on in the novel, Sunja is made to feel shame for her pregnancy. How does the idea of shame persist throughout the novel, both in sense of morals and identity?

Compare and contrast the characters of Hansu and Isak. Which was the better father? The better provider? The better man? Do you believe that Hansu ultimately redeems himself? Is he deserving of forgiveness?

Another theme of the novel is bravery. What kinds of bravery does each character exhibit? How does a character’s bravery (or lack of bravery) shape the family’s story?

The definition and meaning of home is another theme to Pachinko. Lee prefaces to novel with the Charles Dickens quote, “Home, is a name, is a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit answered to, in strongest conjuration.” Why do you believe that Lee chose this epigraph? Do you think it is easily applicable to the novel? How does the concept of home, and belonging, evolve throughout the story?

The family goes through so much when they immigrate to Japan, and endure WWII. Their lives after are WWII also full of hardship, but a different kind. Did this trajectory seem realistic to you? In what ways were the family’s lives better and worse after WWII?

Discuss how the family’s relationships evolve across the generations. Do the parent-child relationship ships differ? The husband-wife relationships? The ones between siblings? Compare and contrast them.

The concept of cultural and racial identity is very important to the characters of the novel. Sunja and her family strive to be perceived as “good Koreans,” and “good Japanese” are hard to find. Discuss these concepts of identity and “goodness” that is attributed to identity. Do you think they are unfair standards? How do the perceptions change throughout the novel? 

Pachinko covers a long span of time, and is a rather lengthy novel. What did you think of the book’s length? If it’s too long, what would you have cut?

Considering the length, is the book’s pace too fast, too slow, or just right?

What do you think of the title? Pachinko, the game, doesn’t come up until we are well into the story, but its significance becomes important in the second half of the novel. Do you think that it’s an apt title for the book? Would you have chosen something different? If so, what?

Before reading this book, were you aware of the tensions between Koreans and Japanese in the early 20th century? Did you learn something about history through reading this story? Did you learn anything about Korean identity in this novel?

The novel began with “History has failed us, but no matter.” To what extent do you believe this novel is Lee’s attempt at telling the stories pushed to the margins of history? By the end of the book, do you think she’s succeeded?

What did you think of the ending of the novel? Did you find it tragic, or just right? If you could have changed anything about the ending, what would it be?

In many ways, Pachinko is about how one person’s actions can have a profound effect on family: Sunja becoming pregnant by Hansu, and Hansu abandoning her. Do you feel as though your life is largely shaped by your parents’ or ancestor’s decisions? Or do you believe that each person in each generation has autonomy to make their own choices?

Have you read Min Jin Lee’s first novel, Free Food for Millionaires? How did it compare to Pachinko?

Would you read another novel by this author, either Free Food for Millionaires or a future release? Why or why not?

If you got the chance to ask Lee one question, what would it be?

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Are you looking for more personalized book recommendations? Whether you’re on the lookout for more great books to bring to your book club, or you just want to stack your shelves with great books you’re sure to love, TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations can help! TBR is a personalized book recommendation service that takes into account your personal reading habits and tastes to offer you three perfectly tailored book recommendations every quarter! Getting started is easy–all you have to do is fill out our reader survey, which will ask you what you like, dislike, what you want to read more of, and what your dealbreakers are. You can even link us to your Goodreads page!

Then, you’ll be matched with an expert Bibliologist who will read your responses carefully and recommend three books, just for you! You can choose to receive recommendations-only via email as a letter, delivered straight to your inbox, or you can choose to receive your recommendations as three, brand-new hardcover releases delivered to you by our partner, Print: A Bookstore in Portland, ME! Learn more about TBR today to get started! 

Can You Return Kindle Books? Our How-To Guide

It’s all too easy to make the mistake of accidentally clicking “Buy” while scrolling through books on your Kindle, and many major bookworms have certainly gotten excited about purchasing a Kindle deal only to realize, whoops, you already have that book on your shelves! In these cases, many people wonder–can you return Kindle books? The answer is yes! While you won’t be able to return all of your unread books on your Kindle, the Amazon Kindle book return limit allows customers to return Kindle books within seven days of purchase. Here’s your breakdown of how to return Kindle books, complete with step-by-step instructions and screenshots!

First off, let’s address when you accidentally click “Buy” on a book while using your Kindle. These slips of the finger are the easiest to correct because your Kindle will automatically show you a page confirming the purchase of your Kindle book. They will also include a little link that reads, “Purchased by accident? Cancel order.” One you click on the link, the purchase will be automatically reversed and you will not be charged for the Kindle book. 

This is great for accidental purchases, especially if a little one gets a hold of your Kindle and goes on a spending spree! Amazon also offers parental control options to limit unintentional purchases in the app or on your Kindle. If you or your child use a Kindle Reader, you may change your settings to require a password for every in-reader purchase. If you or your child use a Kindle Fire, you may set limits and require passwords for purchases. This is managed in settings.

But let’s say you make an accidental purchase and the confirmation page vanishes, or your buy a Kindle book from the browser and then change your mind! You may still return the book, as long as it is done within seven days of purchase. Keep in mind that while return will be processed immediately, your refund may not take immediate effect–Amazon must review the refund request to decide if a book is eligible for return. This is to prevent speedy readers from purchasing books, reading them, then returning them for a full refund.

In order to return a Kindle book, you must first log into your account. Then, click on your Account & Lists to bring up a drop-down menu, and click on Your Digital Content & Devices. 

The page that should appear is a list of all of your digital book content purchased from Amazon. To the left of each item on the list should be a gray square with three dots inside it. Find the book you wish to return and click on the square next to the title.

A pop-up will appear with a list of options as well as the purchase price and the date purchased. If the book is one that you’ve purchased within the last seven days, one of the options on the list should be “Return for Refund.” if you are certain that you want to return your Kindle book, click on that link.

Another pop up will appear, asking you to confirm that you would like to return the book for a full refund. It will also include a drop down menu of reasons why you would like to return the book. Select a reason.

Once you’ve selected your reason for the return, click Return for Refund!

The report will be sent to Amazon, and someone will review your refund request. You will receive an email when the return is approved and your refund will be processed within 3-5 business days!

If you want to return a book that you purchased more than seven days previously, you will not find the “Return for Refund” option in the drop down menu, even if you have not read or opened the book. The window for return has passed.

How to return Kindle Unlimited books

Now, what about Kindle Unlimited books? The process is exactly the same, only you can return Kindle Unlimited books at any time! That’s because technically, you do not own Kindle Unlimited books–you are simply borrowing them from the Kindle Unlimited library, and Amazon does not enforce a due date.

If you want to see how to return books on Kindle Unlimited, follow the instructions above–only instead of clicking “Return for Refund” you will find an option that simply says “Return”! Then you are free to find your next great read! If you want to learn more about canceling Kindle Unlimited, check out our guide on how to cancel Kindle Unlimited.

Find your next perfect book (no return required!)

Speaking of finding your next great read…if you’re looking for high-quality, personalized ebook recommendations or quarterly subscriptions of print books, check out TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations! TBR is an amazing service that takes into account your personal reading tastes, likes and dislikes, what you’ve read before and what you want to read next to offer you the most personalized book recommendations ever!

To get started, simply fill out our reader survey. Then, you will be assigned to an expert Bibliologist that will review your responses carefully and even check your Goodreads profile (if applicable) to find three new books that you will love! You can choose to receive your recommendations in two different ways–as a recommendations only letter in your inbox, or as three new hardcovers delivered straight to your door! Go the recommendations-only route, and you can then purchase your ebook recommendations right away from Amazon (hopefully you won’t be returning them!), or however you prefer to acquire books. If you choose the Hardcover level, you’ll receive three brand new hardcover books and a personalized recommendation letter from us within3-4 weeks! The books ship from our partner bookstore, Print: A Bookstore in Portland, ME.

Life is too short to waste time on books you don’t love or aren’t going to read–clean up your digital library and get great personalized recommendations with TBR today!

25 Fascinating EDUCATED Book Club Questions

Has your book club picked Educated by Tara Westover as your next read? This inspiring memoir about one woman’s tough upbringing in a survivalist family and her fight for escape and education is arguably one of the most talked about books of the last year–but just in case you need some help getting the conversation going, we’ve compiled a list of 25 Educated book club questions for your next meeting! Pick and choose which questions are most interesting to you, make sure your book club snacks and drinks of choice are ready to go, and get talking!

Educated book club questions

Why do you think that Tara Westover chose the Virginia Woolf epigraph at the beginning of her story?

What’s your favorite quote or passage from the book?

What aspects of Tara’s journey do you most relate to?

Were there any gaps to Tara’s story you wish she had filled in?

Tara’s pursuit of education often feels like a rebellion toward her family and upbringing–how does it differ from her other siblings’ acts of rebellion? How is it the same?

Often we like to talk about how birth order affects development–do you think that Tara’s life would have been different if she were the oldest, or middle child, rather than the youngest?

Growing up so far removed from the world and conventional education, Tara had many gaps in her knowledge of the world, including not understanding the meaning of “holocaust.” Discuss how the moment when she realizes this gap impacted her. Are there any other significant knowledge gaps that you discovered in your own education journey?

Throughout the book, Westover works to challenge and sometimes dispel the “truths” that are presented to her by her father, in order to make up her own mind about the world. Was there ever anyone in your life whose words you took to be true but then later found yourself disagreeing? How do you know if something is true?

Consider what obtaining an education entails. Oftentimes, when we think of the word, we think of school: classes, lectures, study groups. But much of Tara’s education occurred outside of the classroom. Who else, aside from her teachers, helped educate Tara? 

A significant moment in the book is when Tara asks a professor for advice and he encourages her to apply to Cambridge, claiming that she must learn what she is capable of and then figure out who she is. Do you agree with that advice? Was there ever a time in your life when you received similar advice? How did it work out for you?

Tara’s father asserts that his homeschooling can’t have been that bad, considering Tara went on to do so well in her education and obtained her PhD. Do you think that she succeeded academically because of him, or in spite of him? Were there any lessons he imparted to her that helped her succeed academically?

Tara’s mother also strove to impart many lessons on womanhood and how women ought to act or behave. Were there any lessons that Tara took to heart? What did Tara reject? How did this affect her relationship with her mother?

Discuss the effect of the Westover parents’ faith on the family. Do you think that their faith had the desired impact on the family’s growth and development? How did it affect the Westover siblings?

How do you think Tara’s relationship with her father changed throughout the book? Her relationship with her mother? Did your perception of her parents change as you read? Did your perception of her relationship with them change at all?

Tara talks about how a person’s actions and inactions add up to shape the course of their lives, but her life was also affected by many seemingly random accidents. To what extent are we shaped by our choices, and by events that happen to us?

Tara talks about “recasting” her mind in college–do you believe that one’s mind can be completely recast? Do you think Tara remade herself, or is she still the same girl she was as a teenager, with more perspective?

Does this feel like this book is an honest depiction of what actually happened? How important is objectivity to you when it comes to reading memoirs? What are some examples of moments where you believe Tara was being extra truthful, or when she might have been bending the truth slightly?

After reading Educated, has your perception of what makes up an education changed?

Tara writes, “You could call this selfhood many things…Transformation. Metaphorosis. Falsity. Betrayal. I call it an education.” What do you make of this? Do you agree with her assessment?

If you could ask Tara anything after reading her memoir, what would it be?

Which character, aside from Tara, would you most like to meet?

What did you know about Educated before you read it? What questions do you still have after reading?

Can you think of any other hard-hitting memoirs about transformation or family that are similar to Educated? What would you recommend to readers who enjoyed this book? What would you recommend to readers who might not have enjoyed Educated?

If this book were to be made into a movie, who do you think should play Tara? How about the other characters?

Would you read another memoir or book by Tara, if she wrote one?

Find your next book club pick

If it’s your turn to pick the next book club pick and you’re stumped for options, check out our list of the best 2019 book club recommendations! If you still need help finding great reads, sign up for TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations! TBR is a subscription service that offer personalized book recommendations either as recommendations-only sent straight to your email inbox via letter, or we’ll send brand-new hardcover books straight to your door every quarter.

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OwlCrate vs TBR: Which One Is Right For Me?

Are you ready to invest in a book subscription service? With so many options out there, it can be hard to make a decision! If you’re trying to choose between Owlcrate vs TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations, we’ve broken down the details of the two services so you can see which book subscription service is the best one for your literary lifestyle, and make an informed decision!

TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations

Format: Choose between the Recommendations-only or Hardcover levels. The Recommendations-only level gets you three recommendations via an email, delivered as a personalized recommendation letter. The Hardcover level includes three handpicked, new hardcover books, delivered to your door with a personalized recommendation letter!  The Recommendations-only level is available worldwide, but the Hardcover level is available to U.S. residents only.

Frequency: Quarterly, cancel or change your subscription at any time.

Price: The Digital level costs $15 per quarter, or $50 annually. The Hardcover level is $79 + $4.99 shipping per quarter, or $300 annually, with free shipping! 

How It Works: Start by filling out our reader survey. We’ll ask you about your reading tastes, your favorite books, authors, TV shows, and movies. You can also tell us how adventurous you want to be in your recommendations, what you might want to read more of, and link your Goodreads profile to your account. You’ll be matched to an expert Bibliologist who will read your responses carefully and check your Goodreads account, if applicable, and then recommend three books to you. If you’ve picked the recommendations-only level, you’ll get your recommendations via email in 1-2 weeks. If you’ve picked the hardcover level, you’ll get three new hardcovers delivered to your door within 3-4 weeks, shipped by our partner Print: A Bookstore in Portland, ME.

Gifting: Available soon! Sign up to be notified when gifting options become available.

Feedback: After you receive your recommendations, you can log into your TBR account and give feedback on the books you received or were recommended, and general feedback to your Bibliologist. You can also rate your recommendations. This is an important part of the process as it allows the Bibliologists to pick the best books for you!


Format: A box with one new YA hardcover book published within 45 days of delivery, and three to five bookish goodies, and occasionally exclusive content from the author. Available worldwide.

Frequency: Monthly, cancel your monthly subscription any time.

Price: $29.99 per month, or $86.96 for three months, or $167.94 for six months, plus monthly shipping (varies according to country). 

How it works: It’s super easy to subscribe to OwlCrate! Simply choose your subscription plan, and then wait for your box to be shipped. Every month you’ll receive a brand new YA hardcover, often with an OwlCrate exclsive cover and signed book plate, plus a goodie from the author, such as a note about the book. You’ll also receive 3-5 bookish goodies from other small businesses or created by the OwlCrate team as exclusives for subscribers. These include tote bags, pins, beach towels, pens, cups and mugs, and more! Each box is curated around a theme, and often includes objects from other YA fandoms.

Gifting: Gift subscriptions are available for monthly, quarterly, or six-month subscriptions.

Feedback: While OwlCrate boxes are nonreturnable and nonrefundable, the OwlCrate team has curated a large bookish online community so that you can connect with other readers, and they do their best to listen to the community. However, their selection process for books happens many months in advance due to the fact that they work with publishers to develop exclusive editions of new releases for their boxes.

OwlCrate vs TBR: Which one is right for me?

While OwlCrate and TBR are both book subscription services, they offer different experiences. OwlCrate is a great subscription service if you love getting monthly mail and you like exclusive book editions, signed bookplates, and the goodies that come with the subscription! You won’t be able to find their goodies anywhere else online, and they’re perfect for mega YA fans! The downside is that you don’t get much say in what you receive. OwlCrate does a good job of including books across genres, although they tend to skew towards fantasy and speculative fiction, and their boxes are nonreturnable on the off chance you’ve already read or purchased the book or don’t care for the goodies included. You may skip a month if you have a monthly subscription, but you can’t skip when you have a 3-month or 6-month subscription.

TBR, in contrast, is a highly personalized service that gives readers the power decide what they want to receive. With two subscription tiers, it offers affordable options, and you can change your subscription level at any time. While the books and subscriptions are nonrefundable, you can give direct feedback on what you receive so that your Bibliologists can better recommend new and new-to-you titles next time, and Bibliologists take every step to ensure that they don’t recommend something already on your radar or in your read stack! TBR also is not just a YA book service–Bibliologists recommend books in all age categories, in all genres–it is entirely up to the reader to decide what to receive. TBR does not come with signed books or exclusive editions, though. It’s a just-the-books service!

From a financial standpoint, TBR and OwlCrate are fairly comparable. OwlCrate and the Hardcover level of TBR each offer the equivalent of a book per month. OwlCrate is slightly more expensive, even if you buy a 3-month or 6-month plan, but you get a bit more: extra bookish goodies. TBR offers two subscription levels, which OwlCrate does not. The Digital level is great for people who might not be ready to fork over $30+ per month on a subscription service, but the Hardcover level is slightly less expensive than OwlCrate and while it doesn’t have the frills and exclusives, you get more of a say in which books you receive while still getting a surprise! When you buy a subscription from OwlCrate, you are supporting indie designers of the bookish goodies and publishers directly with your purchase. When you buy a Hardcover level subscription from TBR, your book purchases support our partner independent bookstore, Print: A Bookstore in Portland, ME.

Still not sure? Check out this in-depth look at how TBR works, and this break down comparing TBR vs Book of the Month! No matter which service you choose, you’re guaranteed to discover more great books! Sign up for TBR here.

The Best Romance Book Subscription Services

Do you like your books packed with dreamy love interests, romantic tension, swoony kisses, and wrapped up neatly with a happily ever after? If you can’t get enough romance in your life, consider signing up for a romance novel subscription box so that you can get romance novels delivered directly to your door on a regular basis! We’ve compiled a list of various romance book subscription services, comparing the perks, pricing, and sub-genres so you can find the perfect romance novel subscription for your reading life!

Totally Booked

Totally Booked offers two options–romance and YA! The romance option is called My Guilty Pleasures, but we don’t think you need to feel guilty at all for snagging this subscription at $25. You’ll get two new releases each month, plus a candle, an edible treat, and 1-2 bookish goodies that promise to be useful! If you are picky about your sub-genres, you may choose between historical romance subscription, or New Adult or traditional romance! If you love all three genres, you can pick the “surprise me!” option.

Bubbles & Books

If your favorite pastime is reading romance while relaxing in the bathtub, this is the perfect subscription service! The standard box starts at just $24.99 per month, and each box includes one new release in print and five ebooks (choose from contemporary, paranormal, or historical romance subscriptions), plus five luxury bath items that include bath salts and bombs, face masks, handmade soaps, lip balms, and other items to pamper yourself. Go premium and get an additional print book and even more bath items! It’s the perfect subscription to keep you well read and maybe a little pruny.

The Bookworm Box

Created by bestselling romance author Colleen Hoover, this subscription service is awesome because it offers a range of options for all budgets, and each purchase contributes to charities. The focus of these boxes is also on discovering new and indie authors, so you’ll likely find great reads before anyone else! Starting at just $9.99 per month, you can choose from ebook and print book options, and all boxes come with letters from the authors. The swag options are great, too, making this a great choice for the ultimate romance fan!

Fresh Fiction Box

If you’re a romance fan who loves it all and just wants the best books at the best price, the Fresh Fiction Box is the way to go. For just $25.95 per month, you will receive three to five print books and one to three ebooks (you’ll get a download link). Each box is packed at random, so everyone’s box differs slightly, but books are picked from a wide range of new titles each month. This box is just the books, so if you’d rather not collect lots of goodies and just want a source for great books, this is a great way to do just that!

Let It Bee Love Box

Let It Bee is a great service that offers a romance/chick lit box in addition to kids and teen boxes. Each box is lovingly put together with a a new release book signed by the author, an exclusive book mark or art print, bee themed goodies and reader merchandise, all with an emphasis on handmade and cozy products. Plans start at just $32 for the Love Box, and you can even add on a box for your young (or young at heart) readers!

Until Midnight Box

If paranormal romance is your jam, this box is the perfect way to treat your shelf–and yourself! Although it comes in at a little higher cost ($45 per month), it’s packed with a new paranormal romance novel, a piece of jewelry, chocolate or other treats, a bookmark, a tea, and one other goodie, such as a bath bomb. All of the items are dark and moody and picked to align perfectly with the theme of your book!

Book Case Club

For an inexpensive and no-frill option, Booking for Love from Book Case Club is an affordable option. For just $14.95, you’ll receive two romance novels. This service allows you to pick between contemporary, paranormal, and historical fiction to ensure you get just the type of romance you’re looking for!

Romance 911

Harlequin, the publisher of romance novels, is a true pioneer of the romance subscription service! They offer both print and ebook services that are highly customizable to your reading tastes and plans start at $11.99 per month. Choose between their various romance lines, and enjoy lots of free bonuses such as two free books when you sign up. The downside is that you’ll only receive books published by Harlequin, but when they publish so much you’ll never run out of reading material!

Big Reads

Are you a romance reader who enjoys print books but struggle with the tiny print in mass market paperbacks? This is the service for you! Big Reads has a romance-only option where they deliver one new large print romance novel to your doorstep each month. You’ll also get the occasional bookish goodie for being a long-time subscriber! Large print books can be expensive and most subscription services don’t offer them, but this service makes it easy to bulk up your large print library at only $18.75 per month!

The Ripped Bodice Blind Date With a Book

Although not a subscription service in the strictest sense, this is an amazing service from the U.S.’s only romance-only independent bookstore, The Ripped Bodice in Los Angeles, CA! At $8 per mass market paperback and $12 per trade paperback, you can get a surprise book in the mail, wrapped with a little teaser with what the book is about! The surprise is half the fun, and The Ripped Bodice makes it affordable to treat yourself to a carefully curated book. The perk of this not being an ongoing subscription service is you can indulge as often or as infrequently as you like!

And if you need even more romance recommendations, check out our list of the 15 best funny romance novels! Want even more romance book subscription services? Happy to oblige! Sign up for TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations! TBR is the only book subscription service that gives you handpicked, personalized book recommendations. To get started fill out our reader survey and let us know what you want more of, what you don’t like, and tell us some favorites. You can even link us to your Goodreads page so we don’t recommend something you’ve already read. Then, depending on your selected plan, we’ll send you a recommendations-only letter to your email inbox, or 3 hardcover books straight to your doorstep.

Want to find out more? See how it works in detail.

15 of the Best YA Book Club Recommendations

Whether you’re looking for your next great read for a teen book group, or your book club is full of adults who are young at heart, YA books make awesome book club picks! Short YA books and books with fast plots are great for busy readers, and they’re just as entertaining and rich for discussion as that literary tome you pretended to finish. We’ve compiled a list of 15 of the best YA book club recommendations of 2019 so you can spice up your next book club meeting!

Darius the Great is Not Okay by Adib Khorram

Darius has always felt like he’s not enough–not Persian enough, not American enough, not good enough for his dad. When his family makes a trip to Iran to visit his mom’s extended family, Darius gains a new perspective on his family and identity, and especially on his relationship with his white father. This is a wonderful pick about friendship, family, and living with mental illness.

Sadie by Courtney Summers

For the true crime pordcast-obssesed members of your book club, pick up this novel about Sadie, a young woman who goes missing after her younger sister is murdered. The book is told in alternating chapters: from the POV of a podcast producer who is writing a podcast about Sadie’s disappearance and attempts to track her down, and from the POV of Sadie as she remains one step ahead of the podcaster. This book will spark discussions around story, true crime as entertainment, and how young women are preyed upon.

Scythe by Neal Shusterman

In a futuristic world where death has been eradicated and people can “reset” themselves down to a younger age, Scythes randomly “glean” people to control the population. Two teens become apprentices to a legendary Scythe, and find themselves drawn into a power struggle among Scythedom. Will they turn against each other, or will they remake the world? This high-concept book has thrilling world-building details and big moral questions that make it ripe for discussion!

Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay

Jay is looking forward to a chill summer before starting college, but when he learns that his cousin in the Philippines has been murdered, his world is rocked. What’s worse, his family refuses to talk about the murder, and so he heads to the Philippines to discover the truth…and learns a shocking amount about government policy and his own complicity from the other side of the world. Great for a discussion that takes readers outside of the U.S.!

Internment by Samira Ahmed

Set in the near future where Muslim Americans are forced into internment camps, this book follows Layla Amin and her parents. As they adjust to their new reality, Layla makes friends inside the camp and struggles to maintain contact with her boyfriend on the outside. Together, they spark a rebellion against the camp director that will have far-flung consequences. With eerie echoes of American history, this book is timely and a great source of discussion.

The Things She’s Seen by Ambelin and Ezekiel Kwaymullina

Beth, an Aboriginal teen girl, is a ghost. Her detective father has been wracked with grief ever since the car accident that claimed her life, and she can’t move on until she knows he’ll be all right. She decides that he needs a case to connect him to the world once more, and so she encourages him to look into a small town fire and the unidentifiable body it left behind. But their investigation turns up dark secrets about this small town that will have a direct impact on Beth’s ability to move on. Otherwordly, but with a unique perspective, this is a slim but powerful book.

A Heart in the Body in the World by Deb Caletti

When Annabelle experiences a traumatic event, she decides to go on the run. Literally. She decides to run from Seattle to D.C., followed by her Grandpa Ed in his RV. As the miles drop past and Annabelle gains a unique support team, she finds the courage and the strength to confront her past. This is a timely book to add to your #MeToo discussion line-up.

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo

Printz Award and National Book Award winner Elizabeth Acevedo returns with a second powerful novel about Emoni, a teen mom weighed down with responsibility for her daughter, her abuela, and her school and work. Her escape and her passion is cooking, but she must be realistic–and how can she make a career from her passion? This is a book by Acevedo, so you know it’ll be a beautifully written coming of age story with strong emotion and family ties.

Dig by A.S. King

A.S. King’s novels are surrealist explorations of life, society, and important issues affecting teens. Her latest novel is no exception–it’s about five teens who are struggling in their own ways, and whose lives could be enriched by money. Their grandparents have money, but since they consider themselves “self-made” they decline to pass it on. This is a powerful book about privilege, race, money, and what it really means to make your own way in the world.

Shout by Laurie Halse Anderson

If your book club is familiar with the work of YA superstar Laurie Halse Anderson, her new memoir is a great read! Part personal history of her teen years, and part memoir of finding her voice years after her assault, this is a powerful and poetic book about not just speaking out, but shouting your truth.

The Art of Breaking Things by Laura Sibson

Skye likes to party hard and can’t wait to get out of high school. She’s got her eye on art school in the fall, but her plans fall apart when her mom’s ex-boyfriend walks back into their lives. She never told anyone about what he did to her when she was younger, and now she’s torn between getting as far away as possible or staying to protect her little sister. But with some support and courage, she might be able to find a third option–speaking out.

The Best Lies by Sarah Lyu

If your book club likes pyschological thrillers, then this twisty book about a girl, her boyfriend, her best friend, and a murder is perfect. Remy thought that she had the perfect boyfriend and best friend in Jack and Elise…until Jack is murdered and Elise is arrested. Now, she must revisit everything she thought she knew about their friendship to determine the truth about Jack’s death.

The Downstairs Girl by Stacey Lee

For a feminist and unflinching book, pick up the latest historical novel by Stacey Lee. Set in 1890’s Atlanta, it follows Chinese American Jo Kuan who starts an anonymous advice column to cope with a difficult job as a lady’s maid to a young white woman. As her column gains in popularity, it becomes even more difficult for Jo to keep her identity secret, especially as she tackles difficult issues of racism, class, and society.

Dear Rachel Maddow by Adrienne Kisner

Brynn hits rock bottom after a break up and family tragedy, and finds herself enrolled in remedial classes. She copes by writing emails to Rachel Maddow, and watching her show daily. When an injustice in her school gets Brynn riled up, she decides to take a page from Rachel’s book and take a stand–with surprising consequences. The unique structure of this book, and what it reveals about the characters, will be a fun discussion.

Death Prefers Blondes by Caleb Roehrig

For a really fun book club romp, pick up this audacious story about socialite Margo Manning who, along with her gang of drag queen friends, pulls off daring heists in order to bankroll more noble pursuits. If your book club needs some laughs along with some surprisingly insightful discussion points about diversity and privilege, this book is for you!

Are you in need of even more great YA book recommendations? Check out TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations for personalized book picks based on your tastes and reading history! You can fill out the reader survey, designate what you’re looking for, and expert Bibliologists will pick out three books based on your responses. You can even choose to receive your picks as recommendations-only emailed in a letter, or hardcover books sent directly to you from our partner indie bookstore, Print: A Bookstore in Portland, ME! Get started now!