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What Readers Have to Say About TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations

TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations is a personalized book recommendation service in the form of a quarterly subscription service that helps you find your next favorite read. It’s powered by real people because we believe that readers, not algorithms, are the key to connecting you with great books! All you have to do to get started is fill out a reader survey telling us more about your likes, dislikes, what you want more of, what your dealbreakers are, and share some of your favorite media, such as movies, TV shows, podcasts, and more. Then sit back and wait as your survey is matched real readers called Bibliologists, who then recommend three books just for you. Since launching this service over two years ago, Bibliologists have delivered more than 20,000 sets of recommendations—that’s over 60,000 books recommended!Continue Reading


If your book club is looking for a historical mystery, then look no further than The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner — an instant bestseller on The New York Times, USA Today, IndieBound, and Publishers Weekly lists, and currently in development as a dramatic series at Fox! Penner’s debut novel combines historical fiction, mystery, and drama to make for an exciting read, and the plot asks big questions that will keep your book club talking! To get ready for your next book club meeting, check out our guide for how to run a book club, and then look over some great The Lost Apothecary book club discussion questions we’ve prepared to help your discussion run smoothly!Continue Reading

21 of the Best Psychological Thriller Books

Collage of book covers of best psychological thrillers If you’re looking for a read full of twists and turns, one that will keep you guessing and turning the pages in equal measure, you might want to read one of these psychological thrillers. Ranging from domestic thrillers to workplace dramas, the best psychological thriller books all have one thing in common: they just might may have you questioning reality — or at least your sanity — by the end. Continue Reading

Crying in H Mart Book Club Questions

Book cover of Crying in H Mart by Michele Zauner If your book club is ready for a memoir, Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner might be the perfect book for you! A New York Times best seller, New York Times notable book of the year, and one of President Obama’s favorite reads of 2021, among other acclaim, this powerful memoir ties together grief and food in a unique way that your book club will be talking about for ages. To get ready for your next book club meeting, check out our guide for how to run a book club, and then look over the Crying in H Mart book club discussion questions we’ve prepared to help your discussion run smoothly!Continue Reading

20 of The Best Feminist Books

A collage of 20 of the best feminist books In the last one hundred or so years, women in the U.S. and all over the world have gained rights, asserted themselves in society, and been at the forefront of innovations and progress. But if recent events have shown us anything, it’s that those rights are anything but guaranteed or secure. That’s why feminism is essential, and why it’s important that the feminism we practice be inclusive and intersectional so that we can fight for the rights of every person. Whether you’re looking to brush up on your understanding of feminism or if you just want to incorporate more feminists texts in your educational and fun reading, we’ve rounded up a list of twenty of the best feminist books—fiction and nonfiction! Here we go!Continue Reading


Book cover of When Women Were Dragons by Kelly Barnhill Kelly Barnhill is the Newbery Award winning author of many fantasy books for children, but lately she’s branched into the adult market with her adult historical fantasy debut, When Women Were Dragons. This is a perceptive and probing feminist novel about the nature of injustice, subjugation, and rage. If your book club has picked it up for discussion, then read on for a When Women Were Dragons book club questions and discussion guide! And if you’re looking for guidance on how to run a book club, we’ve got you covered!Continue Reading

20 of The Best Fall Books: 2022

collage of 20 of the best fall books Fall is upon us, and not only does that mean cooler days, crunchy leaves, and pumpkin spice everything, but also NEW BOOKS! Fall is the biggest season for new book releases and fall 2022 is no exception to the rule. We’ve got everything from new books by favorite authors, not one but TWO new releases from a literary giant, and exciting debuts! Get ready to get lit(erary) and check out our list of twenty of the best fall books 2022 has to add to your TBR!Continue Reading


Book cover of Somebody's Daughter by Ashley C. Ford Does your book club love reading memoirs? Then we’ve got the perfect pick for you! Somebody’s Daughter by Ashley C. Ford was an instant bestseller. It’s the thought-provoking and hard-hitting story of Ford’s childhood and young adult years. The book has made its rounds with book clubs big and small, and it’s a great memoir to read with your book club if you like unflinching true stories about family and coming of age. We’ve got everything you need to have a successful discussion of the book, including Somebody’s Daughter book club questions!Continue Reading