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28+ of the Best Nonfiction Books of 2022

Collage of titles from 28 of the best nonfiction of 2022 There has never been a better time to read nonfiction! We are experiencing a glut of nonfiction of every variety, from true crime to memoir to true crime memoir, from microhistories to macrohistories to biography, even self-help and other practical nonfiction. It’s a great time for longtime nonfiction readers, but if you’re traditionally a fiction reader or not much of a reader at all, there’s no better time to dig into reading nonfiction. These are just 28 of the best nonfiction books of 2022! (Plus a few bonus titles at the end.)Continue Reading

10 CARRIE SOTO IS BACK Book Club Questions

Collage of covers of CARRIE SOTO IS BACK by Taylor Jenkins Reid The newest offering from book club darling Taylor Jenkins Reid, Carrie Soto is Back, is a great choice for your book club’s next read. You’ve likely already heard of this number one New York Times bestseller, but if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat — and a wild ride, as is to be expected from Jenkins Reid. Featuring a minor character from her previous novel, 2021’s smash hit Malibu Rising, this novel combines an intimate portrait of a woman in the prime of her life but considered past her prime by the world, as well as a stunning father-daughter relationship and a look into the high stakes sports world of tennis. Read on for our Carrie Soto Is Back book club questions and ideas for your next meeting!Continue Reading

22+ of the Best Book Club Books of All Time

collage of book covers for the best book club books of all time Running a book club — or participating in one with a democratic book selection process — means keeping up with the best book club books. Many clubs read new releases, but other clubs are increasingly on the hunt for excellent classic titles to revisit, or classics members may have missed to visit for the first time. These excellent options offer something for every type of reader, the perfect book club books of all time.Continue Reading

What is Silkpunk? The Best Silkpunk Books

Collage of silkpunk books Silkpunk is a sci-fi sub-genre that’s new and largely unknown. Created by Ken Liu to describe The Grace of Kings, the first book in his Dandelion Dynasty books, it’s a fairly narrowly defined term, and the designation of silkpunk only applies to a few books — but there are several other books with similar aesthetics and vibes that you might also want to check out! Please note: Although silkpunk is commonly believed to refer to any Chinese and Chinese-inspired science fiction, such as Jade City and the rest of the Green Bone saga by Fonda Lee, it actually refers to a specific technology aesthetic found in Liu’s series and in the collection of excellent science fiction books below. Continue Reading

20 of the Best Dark Books

collage of the best dark books The last few years have been great for lovers of dark books! Across genres we’ve seen the two extremes: light, cozy fiction and the darkest of dark books. These are 20 of the best dark books, nearly all from 2019 to now! Whether you’re just delving into dark fiction or have been a fan for years (Anne Rice club, represent!)  there should be something here for you.Continue Reading

What Readers Have to Say About TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations

TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations is a personalized book recommendation service in the form of a quarterly subscription service that helps you find your next favorite read. It’s powered by real people because we believe that readers, not algorithms, are the key to connecting you with great books! All you have to do to get started is fill out a reader survey telling us more about your likes, dislikes, what you want more of, what your dealbreakers are, and share some of your favorite media, such as movies, TV shows, podcasts, and more. Then sit back and wait as your survey is matched real readers called Bibliologists, who then recommend three books just for you. Since launching this service over two years ago, Bibliologists have delivered more than 20,000 sets of recommendations—that’s over 60,000 books recommended!Continue Reading


If your book club is looking for a historical mystery, then look no further than The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner — an instant bestseller on The New York Times, USA Today, IndieBound, and Publishers Weekly lists, and currently in development as a dramatic series at Fox! Penner’s debut novel combines historical fiction, mystery, and drama to make for an exciting read, and the plot asks big questions that will keep your book club talking! To get ready for your next book club meeting, check out our guide for how to run a book club, and then look over some great The Lost Apothecary book club discussion questions we’ve prepared to help your discussion run smoothly!Continue Reading

21 of the Best Psychological Thriller Books

Collage of book covers of best psychological thrillers If you’re looking for a read full of twists and turns, one that will keep you guessing and turning the pages in equal measure, you might want to read one of these psychological thrillers. Ranging from domestic thrillers to workplace dramas, the best psychological thriller books all have one thing in common: they just might may have you questioning reality — or at least your sanity — by the end. Continue Reading