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State of Terror Book Club Questions

Book cover for STATE OF TERROR by Hillary Rodam Clinton and Louise Penny When it comes to writing a thriller about international politics, terrorist attacks, and a Secretary of State racing against the clock to prevent more attacks, who better than a former Secretary of State to pen the story? Former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton has joined forces with bestselling crime novelist Louise Penny to bring readers State of Terror, a harrowing tale of espionage and betrayal. Read on for some State of Terror book club questions to get your meeting rolling!Continue Reading

Hamnet Book Club Questions

Book cover for Hamnet by Maggie O'Farrell Even centuries after his death, the life, work, and legacy of William Shakespeare continues to fascinate readers. Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell offers a unique and poetic look at the intimate family life of Shakespeare and the devastating loss that had a profound impact on his work, through the eyes of the lesser known people in his life. If your book club has picked up Hamnet, then we’ve provided some questions and resources to help facilitate your successful book club meeting!Continue Reading

The Neighbor’s Secret Book Club Questions

Book cover for THE NEIGHBOR'S SECRET by L. Alison Heller If your book club loves discussing novels about books and readers, and they love a good mystery/thriller, then The Neighbor’s Secret by L. Alison Heller is the perfect pick! It’s about a close knit community book club who find themselves caught up in a twisty plot that rivals one of their book picks! Check out our ideas for The Neighbor’s Secret book club questions and some tasty snacks to make for your next meeting. Continue Reading

10 Braiding Sweetgrass Book Club Questions

Book cover for BRAIDING SWEETGRASS by Robin Wall Kimmerer Robin Wall Kimmerer is a botanist and a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, giving her a unique perspective on plants and science. In Braiding Sweetgrass, she delves into the wisdom that plants can offer us, and shares how by reconnecting with the nature around us, we can become more conscientious about the fragile ecology of the world and learn to move through the world more mindfully. This is a wonderful, wise book to dive into if your reading group or book club wants to think more holistically about our planet. Read on for ideas for Braiding Sweetgrass book club questions for your next meeting. Continue Reading


Book cover for BEAUTIFUL WORLD, WHERE ARE YOU? by Sally Rooney Sally Rooney has taken the literary world by storm with her novels Conversations with Friends and Normal People, both of which were big bestsellers and have been or are in the process of being adapted for the screen. Rooney has been hailed the voice of the millennial generation, and her newest pick has been a book club favorite. If your group is reading Beautiful World, Where Are You, then read on for a Beautiful World, Where Are You reading guide and book club questions!Continue Reading

13 APPLES NEVER FALL Book Club Questions

Book cover for APPLES NEVER FALL by Liane Moriarty Liane Moriarty is known for her character-driven novels that propose a tantalizing “what if?” to readers. Her books Big Little Lies and Nine Perfect Strangers are book club favorites that have gone on to become hit TV shows, and her latest novel is likely to be just as popular with readers as it expertly interrogates what it means to be successful and how different members of the same family can have vastly different understandings of their history. If your book club has chosen Moriarty’s latest novel, read on for an Apples Never Fall book club questions, reading guide, and more!Continue Reading

10 THE ROSE CODE Book Club Questions

Book cover for THE ROSE CODE by Kate Quinn Kate Quinn is known for her historical fiction that integrates some of the most significant events in the first half of the 20th century, with a particular focus on post-WWII life and recovery. Her latest, The Rose Code, takes readers to the highly secret Bletchley Park, where code breakers worked tirelessly to decode Nazi codes and save lives. Bletchley Park has been made famous in recent years thanks to the prominence of stories about Alan Turing, who worked in Bletchley Park and is credited with inventing the first computer. But Quinn shows us Bletchley Park from the point of view of the women who worked there, and how their friendship was made—and broken—by the pressures of war. It’s a great pick if your book club likes historical fiction, dual timelines, multiple points of view, friendship, betrayal, and more, so check out this The Rose Code book club questions and summary ahead of your next meeting!Continue Reading

12 MALIBU RISING Book Club Questions

Book cover for MALIBU RISING by Taylor Jenkins Reid Taylor Jenkins Reid has taken the book world by storm with her readable, fascinating books about the lives and dramas of the fictional rich and famous—and they’re never what you think. In her latest novel, Malibu Rising, she focuses on the four children of famous singer Mick Riva (whom readers may remember as a minor but no less important husband in The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo). Fans of TJR’s previous books will no doubt be eager to pick up this latest offering, and with so many characters and drama unfolding, there will be plenty to talk about! Check out our Malibu Rising book club questions and summary to get ready for your next meeting!Continue Reading

22 of the Best Picks for Book Clubs in 2022

Overhead view of three people sitting outside around a wood table reading. A new year is upon us, and there’s no reason why 2022 can’t be the best, most bookish year yet! If you’re looking to scope out some of the best picks for your book club in 2022 (or maybe you want to start your own book club and are looking for books to excite and inspire), then look no further than these late 2021 and early 2022 releases that will surely be hits among your members!Continue Reading

11 DEAR EDWARD Book Club Questions

Book cover for Dear Edward by Ann Naplitano Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano is a moving, heartbreaking book about tragedy and rebuilding your life after unspeakable loss, inspired by the true story of a young boy who was the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed his entire family. The novel was an instant bestseller, and a Read with Jenna book club pick. If your book club is looking to pick up this novel, then read on for a summary and some Dear Edward book club questions to get your meeting going!Continue Reading