August 2020 | TBR

The Best Young Adult Book Recommendations of 2020

With so many excellent young adult books hitting shelves in 2020, it can be difficult to know where to start! Never fear, because we’ve got 20 young adult book recommendations to help you navigate the best YA books of 2020! From fantasy to contemporary fiction, fun romance to hard-hitting YA, there’s something for every reader with these young adult book recommendations!Continue Reading

The Silent Patient Book Club Questions

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides is one of the best thriller books of recent years, and with so many twists and turns and a charming unreliable narrator, it also makes for the perfect book club pick! If your club has picked it for your next meeting, never fear! We’ve got a summary, themes, and The Silent Patient book club questions to help ensure your discussion is a success!Continue Reading

The Best Epistolary Novels

Dear reader, there’s something kind of fun (and maybe a little voyeuristic) about reading epistolary novels. Exploring stories told through letters, journal entries, emails, and other forms of communication makes you feel like you’re an investigator or observer, which can offer a unique reading experience. If you love modern epistolary novels, then you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up some of the best epistolary novels, from classics to new releases, in all genres, that you’ll want to get lost in.Continue Reading

The Best Feminist Mystery Novels

new mystery books The major influx of women publishing mysteries and thrillers in the past 15 years has meant that we’ve gotten a lot more interesting, diverse crime novels that challenge the status quo and look at crime fiction a bit more broadly. That’s important, especially since the genre tends to get preoccupied with stereotypes about female characters and uses violence against women as set dressing rather than take the opportunity to dive deeper into issues of misogyny and feminism. These fifteen feminist mystery novels explore crime and feminist issues in new and exciting ways.Continue Reading

The Best Beach Reads for 2020

Whether you love reading beach-side, poolside, or somewhere inside with the AC blasting, nothing beats spending a lazy summer afternoon with a compulsively readable book! And if you’re in the market for the best books to read this summer, look no further than our list of the best beach reads for 2020! No matter what your taste might be (frothy romance, unputdownable thriller, fun fantasy, or even funny horror), we’ve got a summer read recommendation for you!Continue Reading

The Best Domestic Thriller Books

In recent years the domestic thriller subgenre has exploded in popularity, thanks to the works of authors such as Gillian Flynn, Liane Moriarty, and Mary Kubica. Domestic thriller books are usually mysteries told from the point of view of regular people who find themselves in thrilling and dangerous situations related to domestic life, and they usually focus on the motivations and fallout of conflict rather than the procedural details of solving crimes. If you enjoy these types of stories and are looking for more domestic and marriage thriller books, here are 15 domestic thrillers we recommend!Continue Reading

New World War II Books to TBR

World War II was such a tremendous event that it’s impossible to comprehend the complexities of it after reading a handful of books–perhaps that’s why new books about the period from the 1930’s-late 1940’s are still released each year. Whether you’re interested in reading military history or novels that explore the impact of the war on regular people, we’ve got 20 new World War II books you’ll want to put on your TBR list, broken down by fiction and nonfiction.Continue Reading

New Cozy Mysteries to TBR in 2020

new mystery books So you love a little murder, but not a lot of gore–we get it! There’s something so reassuring about a mystery where there’s drama and stakes and plenty of twists, but nothing too horrifying to give you nightmares. Well, these new cozy mysteries are just the thing! From family businesses in need of rescuing to missing women and strange deaths, you can experience being a sleuth without all of the danger.Continue Reading

The Best Medical Nonfiction Books

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and when it comes to medicine-related books, that couldn’t be more true. From living with an unknown illness, grappling with a cancer diagnosis, struggling to understand mental illness, or just trying to live to old age while understanding the changes out bodies undergo, we’ve got the best medical nonfiction books for you. Even if you’re healthy, we promise these nonfiction books about medicine and illness will prove to be illuminating, and will deepen your understanding of humanity.Continue Reading