August 2021 | TBR


If you’ve spent any time on BookTok lately, you might have seen Song of Achilles a lot. This backlist title by Madeline Miller has been making the rounds, and making readers feel all the feels while also giving them a new and interesting perspective on The Iliad. It is told from the perspective of Patroclus, who must follow Achilles to war and finds everything from his friendship to his courage tested in the events that follow. It’s a queer, atmospheric, and dramatic retelling that has certainly captured the hearts of readers around the world, and now you might be wondering–what should I read next? We’ve got 15 great recommendations of books like Song of Achilles for you! Continue Reading

The Best YA Fantasy Books Like SHADOW AND BONE

You might have ben living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Shadow and Bone–either the trilogy of books by Leigh Bardugo, or their TV series adaptation on Netflix! Shadow and Bone was originally released as a trilogy of YA fantasy novels, and then author Bardugo expanded her fantasy world with two more duologies set in the same world–Six of Crows and King of Scars. The Netflix TV series cleverly combines the plots and characters of the first Shadow and Bone book with the characters and backstory of Six of Crows to make for a fantastic TV show, with a second season on the way! If you came to these stories by the TV show, we highly recommend that you pick up Leigh Bardugo’s books! If you’ve already read the books and are dying for season two of the show, then we recommend these books like Shadow and Bone to tide you over!Continue Reading

15 Books Like RED RISING by Pierce Brown

Red Rising by Pierce Brown is an exciting dystopian novel about a young man named Darrow who is a Red, the lowest caste of society that has colonized Mars. They work long, hard days to make the surface of the planet habitable for humanity, believing that their work and sacrifice will benefit future generations. But when Darrow’s wife discovers that the surface of the planet has been habitable for decades and that the Reds toil as cheap labor for the ruling class, her discovery leads to her execution…and Darrow becomes a revolutionary. Red Rising is the first in the Red Rising Saga, and it is an exciting dystopian series that has massive appeal for adult and YA readers alike. If you’re looking for more great reads after marathoning the series, then pick up any of the these sci-fi, dystopian, and fantasy books like Red Rising!Continue Reading

The Best Cinnamon Roll Heroes in Romance Novels

Romance heroes often get pegged as the strong and silent type, or brooding and overprotective, but we love a good cinnamon roll hero! Cinnamon rolls heroes are kind, supportive, and unfailingly sweet, with lots of layers. They’re almost too good for this world…kind of like the cinnamon rolls they’re named after. Some of these characters’ cinnamon roll qualities might be a bit deceiving or hidden at first, but they’re there, we promise! If you love heroes who are soft and squishy on the inside, then check out this list!Continue Reading