April 2022 | TBR

How to Find Book Recommendations Based on Other Books

a woman reading on a bed next to a stack of books and notebooks Let’s be real: sometimes finding great books to read is a whole separate hobby from reading itself. If you would rather spend your precious free time getting lost in story rather than getting lost trying to find your next favorite read, then we’ve got some recommendations for how to find the best book recommendations and readalikes for books you already love. This is a mix of services, resources, and fun tips for discovery that you can try out right now, and so you can fill up the TBR quickly and spend more time getting lost in a good book!Continue Reading

The 14 Best Fiction and Nonfiction Books on the Cold War

collage of books about the Cold War Although the Cold War took place from the years 1947-1991, the events and tensions around this time period are more relevant than ever, especially with Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Understanding history allows us to put into context events today, but with so many nations and regions involved over such a long period of time, it can be difficult to understand the full scope of the Cold War. Hopefully, this list of fiction and nonfiction Cold War books will help!Continue Reading

17 New TV Shows Based on Books to Stream in 2022

a hand holding a remote control pointing at a TV While it’s true that the book is almost always better, there’s something really exciting about seeing your favorite stories reimagined for the small screen. With the rise of streaming services, TV shows are more popular than ever, and for some book to screen adaptations, the longer episodic format just makes sense. While many, many books get optioned each year, few make it all the way to TV shows on your favorite streaming service. Here are some of the best new TV shows based on books both new and old that you can stream now!Continue Reading

10 of The Best Spiritual Books to Read in 2022

Collage of spiritual book covers The world is a rough place right now, from war and unrest to climate change, to dealing with an ongoing global pandemic. If you’re searching for some deeper meaning in life or just need some reassurance, guidance, or hope, then we recommend picking up any of the best spiritual books in recent releases that touch everything from religion and practice, to self-reflection and community-building, and everything in between.Continue Reading