September 2020 | TBR

15 Of The Best Romantic Movies Based on Books

Readers love to say that the book was better, but let’s be real: Books make some pretty good movies! If you’re a fan of all things romance, then you’ll definitely want to catch these romantic movies based on books, on Netflix and other streaming services! We kept our focus on some of the best movie adaptations of the last couple of years, and the books they’re based on. Here we go!Continue Reading

The Best Detective Books to Keep You Up Late at Night

Do you love a good whodunit? A protagonist with an itch to discover the truth, no matter the obstacles? Some of the best detective books in the last five years have featured everything from queer private investigators to ex-cops to detectives trying to find their footing in new locations. If you love detective book series or are looking for a great new female detective to fall in love with, then we’ve got some recommendations for you!Continue Reading