May 2019 | TBR

12 Best Selling Ebooks of 2019 to Read Right Now

bestselling ebooks Are you looking for something great to read? A great place to start looking for your next favorite book is the best selling ebooks of 2019. You’ll find out what’s popular right now, and you can join in on the conversations unfolding online and in your local book clubs. You might also find your next favorite author, and expand your horizons by trying a new book in a different genre! Here is a selection of fifteen Kindle best sellers 2019, taken from Amazon’s list of top 100 Kindle bestsellers. Continue Reading

How To Cancel Audible

how to cancel audible It’s all too easy to sign up for Audible believing that you’re going to absolutely redeem your audiobook credit each month, and listen to it. But life can get busy, you can fall behind on your reading, stumble into a reading slump, or maybe you realize that Audible is just not the service for you. If that’s the case, then it’s time to look into how to cancel Audible. But before you cancel, there are a few things you should know! Continue Reading

Book of the Month vs. TBR

book of the month vs tbr So you want to sign up for some sort of book subscription to spice up your shelf, but you’re wracked by indecision. Now what? Which is the best subscription out there? And is it for me?  Choosing a book subscription can be tricky, and nobody likes to feel like they’ve blown their hard-earned cash on a service that they aren’t loving. In this post we endeavor to break it down a little bit with some Book of the Month vs. TBR’s Hardcover-Level subscription so you, lovely reader, can make an informed decision that’s perfect for your reading life. Continue Reading