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Your Ultimate Guide on Where to Buy Ebooks

where to buy ebooks

With so many electronic devices at our fingertips, knowing where to buy ebooks can be both exciting and overwhelming! Luckily there are many options for readers of every type, genre, and budget, so we’ve rounded up this list of some of the best places to find and buy ebooks!

Amazon Kindle

The largest online book retailer in the world, Amazon has many options for purchasing ebooks via their Kindle platform. Kindle books can be purchased individually from anywhere between $1-15 per book, which is how you’re most likely be able to buy bestsellers and new releases. Or, if you’re a mega reader, you can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for unlimited access to over a million titles for $12.99 per month. Kindle Unlimited won’t have all of the new releases you might be looking for, but they have more than enough to keep you reading. Plus, Amazon Kindle is also one of the world’s largest self-publishing platforms, so you can download loads of indie books in addition to titles put out by major publishers. Kindle books can be read via the Kindle app, available on all major devices, or on Kindle Readers and Amazon tablets, available exclusively from Amazon. The only downside to Kindle ebooks is that they can only be read on Amazon devices or in the Kindle app, and they cannot be transferred to other apps or devices.

Barnes and Noble Nook Store

You can be an ebook reader and a supporter of the largest brick-and-mortar chain bookstore in the U.S.! Nook selections are very similar to what’s available on Amazon Kindle, and most books put out by major publishers will have very similar pricing. Nook does offer some deals that are exclusive to their platform and they boast over 75,000 free titles, but they don’t have a subscription-based program like Kindle Unlimited. Nook ebooks can be read on the Nook app, which is available to most electric devices, or on the Barnes and Noble Nook reader, which is available for purchase online and in Barnes and Noble stores.


Owned by the same company that operates Overdrive for libraries, Kobo is another great ebook source similar to Amazon Kindle and BN Nook. It’s a global company, which means that Kobo is a great option if you live outside of the United States, or if you travel a lot, since you can choose your location from a list of 35 countries. Kobo’s selection to buy ebooks is broad, and they carry audiobooks and self-published books as well as ebooks from all major U.S. publishers. You can read Kobo books on the Kobo app, which is available on most electronic devices, or you can shop the Kobo store for a variety of Kobo reading devices.


If you are an Apple user, then iBooks is a great app for you! It works exclusively with Apple devices, and your account and all of your purchases sync across your iPhone and iPad. However, iBooks doesn’t work with your desktop or laptop. Their selection is on par with most of the services already listed, but they do not have a subscription-based program.

Google Play Books

Android users, Google Play Books is a great service for where to buy ebooks! It’s owned and operated by Google, but functions similarly to iBooks in that it is app-based and will allow you to access your books across multiple Google and Android devices. However, you cannot download Google Play Books onto your PC–you’ll have to read them in a browser. But, with over 5 million titles, including access to the free digital Google Library, it boasts one of the largest selections in the world.


While Scribd was first recognized mainly as an open publishing platform, it has since morphed into a great subscription-based source for books, audiobooks, magazines, and other documents. For only $8.99 per month, you can access their full collection of ebooks and other available content. The selection is pretty wide, but not everything is available on this platform–like Netflix, some things may come and go. However, there are also thousands of free, self-published books to download. You also do not get to keep the books you access on Scribd, but you can return to the books you love as long as your subscription remains active. At less than $10 per month, Scribd is a great option for voracious readers who may not have access to a public library with a robust digital collection.


Like Scribd, Playster is another subscription-based service for ebooks and audiobooks, but they also have access to movies, games, and music. The beauty of Playster is that, depending on what sort of content you are interested in, you can pick a subscription plan that’s right for your needs and budget. That means no paying for access to audiobooks if you only want to read ebooks, or vice versa. The starting cost for books only is $14.95 per month, and like Scribd, you don’t get to keep the books, just access them. The selections might vary slightly, but one sure thing is that Playster won’t have absolutely everything you’re after. It is slightly more expensive than Scribd, but depending on what content you’re looking for, it might be a slightly better deal if they have the books you want to read, and if you are looking for a more inclusive entertainment subscription service.


If you are all about those ebook deals, Bookbub is a great service for you to know about! While they don’t sell ebooks themselves, per se, they are a website that finds you great deals on ebooks, both independently and traditionally published. You can browse ebooks by category, price point, and genre in order to find trending deals, and then BookBub gives you links to the retailer of your choice–Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, Google Play Books, or Kobo. They will also help you find free ebooks in your chosen genres.

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