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The 10 Best Book Recommendation Sites

10 best book recommendation sites

If you’re looking for book recommendations, you’ve come to the right place! Finding good book recommendation sites can be difficult because a lot of places rely on algorithms or just list the same bestsellers over and over. If you’re looking for recommendations that go deeper, or you need a personalized book recommendations website or  a book recommendations quiz to help you find just the right book for you, check out these 10 book recommendation sites!

TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations (

Truly the most personalized of book recommendation services, TBR offers readers two tiers of recommendation services! The recommendations-only subscription gives readers three personalized book recommendations per quarter, via a letter emailed to their inboxes. The hardcover subscriptions takes it to the next level by delivering three hand-picked new hardcover releases directly to their doorsteps! Here’s how it works: Fill out the reader survey, which asks a wide variety of questions about favorite genres, books, and authors, and inquires as to any themes or dealbreakers in your reading life. You can even share your Goodreads page so that TBR can see what you’ve already read, or what’s already on your radar. Then, pick a subscription tier. Sit back and relax while expert Bibliologists read your survey responses, check out your Goodreads page, and brainstorm your perfect book recommendations! Your recommendations-only letter will be sent within 2 weeks and hardcover books will arrive on your doorstep within 3-4 weeks.

Book Riot (

Book Riot is your one stop book recommendation site sort for any genre and any age category of books! As the largest book site in North America, they host tens of thousands of articles, including book lists and personal essays about the reading life. You can browse content by genre, sign up for their newsletters, and check out the many podcasts devoted to offering you the best book recommendations by real-life power readers who are passionate about the written word. The best thing about Book Riot? They have a strong commitment to diversity and they aren’t genre snobs, so no matter what you’re interested in, they have recommendations for you!

Book Page (

You might recognize Book Page from their free print issues that can be found in many libraries and bookstores across the U.S., but they’re fully online as well! Their mission is inform readers of the best new books coming out each month, so if you’re looking for the best of the best in front list releases, definitely check out their website! They have monthly columns and features, interviews, and they give coverage to children’s and teens books as well!

BuzzFeed Books (

BuzzFeed is known for their clickbait articles and funny quizzes, and their Books section has some really interesting content! You probably won’t find a lot of information about the latest and greatest literature on their site, but they do offer a lot of content and quizzes about books that are popular in the media and related to in-the-moment pop culture! They also frequently post curated book lists that were put together with suggestions from other readers, and you know readers are often great book recommenders!

Brightly (

If you’re looking for great book recommendations for kids, Brightly is devoted to everything kidlit! Written by parents, for parents, this book recommendation site offers tons of lists and recommendations that come with helpful age-level tags so you can find books for your littlest readers (infants/baby) to kids who are almost but not quite ready to launch into the YA and adult reading world (tweens). They also sort books by topics, helping adults find great books no matter what stage their kid is at, and no matter that they’re going through!

Epic Reads (

Epic Reads offers great YA book recommendations for teens and those who are young at heart. This website is an offshoot of Harper Collins Publishers, so all of the books featured on the site are from one of their imprints, but if you peruse their blog you’ll find many book recommendation lists and quizzes that include books from other publishers as well, all in a wide variety of genres. The great thing about Epic Reads is that they embrace fandom and all forms of book nerdery, with frequent connections to pop culture!

Electric Literature (

Electric Lit is a non-profit website that began as a literary journal and now publishes book lists, interviews, essays, excerpts, and criticism, as well as literary news! They have a more literary slant than most of the book recommendation sites highlighted here. Some fun things you’ll find on their site include a weekly column where an author recommends a book, and free short fiction!

Tor Books Blog (

If you’re a science fiction and fantasy fan, then the Tor blog is a wealth of book recommendations! Tor is a publisher of science fiction and fantasy novels, novellas, and short stories, so a lot of their content highlights their own books, but they also talk about a lot of other books in their reading lists, round ups, and guest articles. This blog is also peppered with fun throwbacks and free short fiction, so don’t miss out!

Bustle Books (

Bustle is an online publication geared towards young female adults, and their content covers fashion, pop culture, lifestyle, and entertainment. They have a great books section that focuses on feminist literature that will appeal to the forward thinking reader! They prioritize works by women, and have a fun selection of book lists based on pop culture and essays about women’s reading lives!


There’s a reason why so many bookstores have displays that proclaim “As Heard on NPR”–NPR airs a huge selection of book reviews every week, along with features and the occasional book list. Even if you aren’t a frequent listener of public radio, you can go to their website and find a wealth of reviews and recommendations, mainly focused on new book releases and popular books in the media.