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Have an issue with your book recommendations? Need more information on how to use the TBR book subscription service? If your answer isn’t covered in our FAQs, use the form below for customer support. Please provide as much detail about your issue as possible. We want you to be happy and reading (preferably with a mug of tea), so we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

My Package Has Been In Preshipment. When will it ship?

This is, unfortunately, a byproduct of shipping issues during the covid-19 pandemic. The package DID ship out (we promise), but USPS isn't scanning everything properly, or updating tracking. The good news is we are finding that our packages are still arriving, just delayed and surprise-style.

I Only Received A Letter. Where Are My Books?

You purchased the recommendations-only plan, which is a letter recommending the three books selected for you by your Bibliologists. You can then acquire the books in any format you prefer (paperback, audiobook, ebook...) from any source you like (library, indie, amazon).

Where Are My Hardcover Books?

We’re sorry about that, we know how hard it is to wait for books! Hardcover orders can take up to 4 weeks under regular circumstances, and as you can imagine, the current state of the world has created delays in publishing and shipping. Your books, selected by your Bibliologist, have been ordered, and we are waiting for one that went into reprint to be finished and sent to us from the publisher's warehouse. As soon as it arrives, your books and letter will be boxed up and you'll receive an email with tracking info, then you'll be united with your books.

I Gave TBR as a Gift, and the Recipient Hasn’t Received It

Please let the recipient know to search their inbox for “Tailored Book,” as it may end up in spam/promotion tab folders. If it doesn’t turn up there, please use the support form below and we can resend the notification.

I Get An Error Message When I Try To Update My Survey

This is often caused by ad blockers. If you are running an ad blocker, please turn it off and try again. If you are not running an ad blocker, please try in a different browser. If neither of those options works, please use the support form below and we'll look into it further.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

From within the TBR Dashboard, click MENU at the top right Then click "Account Details" At the top of the page, next to the label indicating which type of plan you have, click the “Update” button. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “cancel plan.”

How long will it take to get my recommendations?

Recommendations will be sent by email within 2 weeks of signup. Hardcover books will be shipped within 3 weeks.

Can I give TBR as a gift?

Yes! Choose from plans that allow your favorite booklovers to receive hardcover books in the mail or recommendations only by email, as a one-time gift or year-long subscription, and sit back while our Bibliologists do the rest. TBR gifts start at $16, so there's an option for every budget.

Can I switch my bibiliologist?

Yes. Just leave a comment in the feedback survey, and we’ll hook you up with someone different the next time around.

What if I want to receive recommendations more frequently?

Customers with active TBR subscriptions can request a set of drop-in recommendations at any time! Choose recommendations-by-email or receive hardcover books in the mail, regardless of which level of TBR you're subscribed to.

Can I change my subscription from quarterly to annual, or switch between levels?

You can update your billing setting from quarterly to annual at any time. If you have paid for an annual subscription and wish to change to quarterly, that change will go into effect when your current annual billing cycle ends.

Quarterly subscribers may change between recommendations-only and hardcover levels at any time.

Annual subscribers who wish to change levels may update their accounts at any time, and the change will go into effect following the completion of the current annual subscription. (For example, if you have received 3 quarters of an annual hardcover subscription and wish to change to recommendations-only, you will receive the final quarterly delivery of hardcover books, then your subscription will change to recommendations-only for the next year.)

Have a Support Question?

Please fill out our Support Form and be sure to include all relevant details, including your order number, browser information, and screenshot(s), if applicable. Please allow 1-2 business days for a response.