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We Make Books Personal

What’s the best gift for book lovers? Books, of course! But your adorable book nerd deserves more than another book they’ll never read (you’ve surely seen their nightstand).

Nope, at TBR we provide one-of-a-kind book recommendations that are designed to meet their unique reading tastes and needs. Personalized suggestions that they’ll absolutely love reading. Think of it like StitchFix, but for books. We promise, these books will never stay on their nightstand for long.

How Does It Work?

Figuring out what to read next can be a daunting task! Our TBR team is up for the challenge of going through about a bajllion books to find the perfect one for the reader in your life.

They’ll answer a few quick questions about their recent reads, tastes, and what they’re looking for. One of our expert bibliologists will find book recommendations that fit their reading lifestyle. Do they love YA? We got it. Fantasy? You betcha. Cozy mysteries? Absolutely.

Need more info? Check out the FAQ.

Matched To Their Needs

Choose from a one-time book gift or an annual plan.

Then, pick from the Hardcover Book plan or the Recommendations Only plan. Digital recommendations arrive by email within 2 weeks of signup. Hardcover books will be delivered within 3-4 weeks.

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