March 2020 | TBR

How To Email Books To Kindle

If you are an ebook reader with a lot of digital content, you might be wondering if you can ever send ebooks to your Kindle. The short answer–YES. However, if you want to avoid unwieldy cords, connecting to your computer, and waiting for your files to transfer, you can streamline the process by simply emailing books to Kindle. We’ll walk you through which file formats you can email books to Kindle, how to do so, and how to manage your content once it’s there.Continue Reading

The Best LGBTQ+ Book Subscription Boxes

Finding quality LGBTQ+ books can sometimes be a bit tricky. Luckily, recent advocacy in publishing has meant that more and more LGBTQ+ voices are being published than ever, although the number of books released is still minuscule compared to just how many other books publish each year. Finding LGBTQ+ book subscription boxes is also difficult because unfortunately, there just aren’t a whole lot of them out there. We’ve rounded up the best queer book subscriptions we could find, so hopefully you can spend less time searching for quality books and more time reading!Continue Reading

5 Ways to Find the Best Book Recommendations

best new short story collections It’s the bookworm’s biggest dilemma: Too many books and so little time. So how do you find the best book recommendations for you? The world is full of books, and even full of those who want to recommend great books, but not everyone is great at recommending books just for you and your unique reading tastes. If finding great books is your biggest challenge, we’ve got a few tips for how to find book recommendations for books you’re sure to love.Continue Reading

20 Of The Best Literary Book Club Recommendations

Finding a great book for your next book club meeting that satisfies a wide range of reading tastes can be difficult! If your book club enjoys literary fiction or wants to try their hands at more literary novels, then we’ve got you covered with these literary book club recommendations! The following 20 books are all excellent, discussion-worthy literary book club recommendations from 2020 and recent years. Continue Reading