January 2020 | TBR

15 Great Medical Mystery Books Beyond Robin Cook

Are you a medical mystery books fan? Medical thriller books are a sub-genre of mystery novels, and they have mysteries that center around medical procedures, diseases, injuries, and medical facilities. Robin Cook pioneered the sub-genre with his many medical mystery novels, but if you’re looking for more great medical mystery books and even some true medical mystery books, we’ve compiled a list of 15 books beyond Robin Cook. Just a note: The medical mystery sub-genre is a narrow one, with very few authors of color publishing within it. We found only two authors of color to include, but that number should be a lot higher!Continue Reading

The Best Science Book Subscription Services

Calling science nerds, tinkerers, and wielders of fun facts! If you are looking to feed your voracious appetite for all things science with a fiction or nonfiction book subscription service, then you’ve come to the right place. There aren’t a ton of services out there that simply focus on science books, but we’ve done our best to showcase five different science book subscription services that you might want to try out. Here we go! Continue Reading

25 Great Short Book Club Books

Hey, we get it–life is busy, you’ve got a lot of books on your plate, and the last thing you need (or want) is for your monthly book club to pick a 500+ page doorstopper. Never fear! We’ve rounded up a list of 25 great short book club books that are perfect for discussion groups and hitting your reading goals. From must-read modern classics to new releases, there’s something here for everyone!Continue Reading

20 Excellent Sci-Fi Book Recommendations For 2020

20 Excellent Sci-Fi Book Recommendations For 2020 | TBR Calling all science fiction fans! If you want to get a jump on the best new sci-fi books of 2020, we’ve got you covered! This list of new sci-fi book releases will help you plan your 2020 reading and ensure you don’t miss any of the amazing new books coming out. From standalones to sequels, exciting new debuts and new books from sci-fi greats, there are sci-fi book recommendations for every type of sci-fi reader here!Continue Reading